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Thrash Anthems
May 2007
Released: 2007, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Ah Destruction, to many fans they are the absolute epitome of German thrash. With a long and storied (and controversial!) career of 20+ years, the band has shockingly never released a best of, or compilation (live albums aside). In case you hadn’t guessed, THRASH ANTHEMS is the band’s first comp, but with a twist: Destruction has re-recorded 13 of their classic songs with their “new” lineup (OK, basically just a new drummer). To further sweeten the pot, they’ve included two new songs: “Profanity” and “Deposition”.

Starting with the new songs: both are what you’d call standard reformation-era Destruction. Both songs are slowed down from their manic speeds of yore with “Deposition” being the weaker of the two. “Profanity” has a wicked neck-snapping chug to it though.

As for the best of portion of the album, the band has stuck to their ‘80s material, with only the superb “Cracked Brain” coming from their ‘90s albums. Obviously, this is a compilation aimed at the band’s newer fans who may not have heard their older stuff. The band has done a great job mixing up their song choices as well as all of their major ‘80s releases are featured. The tally? Glad you asked.

Sentence of Death – 1

Infernal Overkill – 4

Eternal Devastation – 2

Mad Butcher – 2

Release From Agony – 3

Cracked Brain – 1

The re-recording of the songs isn’t much to write home about. Yes, the songs sound heavy as hell with a more modern production, but the band hasn’t changed them to any great degree. Schmier still howls and screams his head off, perhaps a bit more restrained than in his youth. Drummer Marc Reign more than proves himself capable of filling Tommy Sandmann’s shoes, but fans already know that based on the evidence provided in the band’s two live releases since he joined in 2001.

All told, it’s over an hour of classic Destruction, which is never a bad thing. While long-standing fans might not find much use for this album, for new fans just beginning to research the older material, this is a great starting point.
Track Listing

1) Bestial Invasion
2) Profanity
3) Release from Agony
4) Mad Butcher
5) Reject Emotions
6) Death Trap
7) Cracked Brain
8) Life Without Sense
9) Total Desaster
10) Deposition (Your Heads Will Roll)
11) Invincible Force
12) Sign of Fear
13) Tormentor
14) Unconscious Ruins
15) Curse the Gods


Schmier: Vocals, Bass
Mike Sifriner: Guitar
Marc Reign: Drums

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