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The Anti-Christ
September 2001
Released: 2001, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Some things seems to get better during a course of time when they get older - and I'm glad to announce that one of these things are German Thrash Metal veterans DESTRUCTION. On "All Hell Breaks Loose" album last year which also was these masters of a relentless Thrash Metal comeback album back to the scene again, they just proved that some values for an ass-kicking Thrash Metal had remained the same and that's exactly what their fans had expected from Schmier & co.; to get their own dose of metal back as ripping and destructive as possible - and the DESTRUCTION - camp didn't let them down by no chance!!

Even if "All Hell Breaks Loose" was hailed as a remarkable comeback album both by the fans and the medias, it still lacked, maybe, more that '80s vibe and stir back into the band's uncompromising soundscapes that ruled their sound a vast period from "Sentence..." to "Release..." albums - that in fact, have always been considered as those REAL DESTRUCTION releases by most of us (including myself!) due to Schmier's involvement in them all. It's like: Is KREATOR KREATOR without Mille? No. Or SLAYER without Tom Araya! NO! What 'bout JUDAS PRIEST without "THE Metal God; is it still JUDAS PRIEST?! For many, maybe yes, but also for many others, F**K NO!!, but that's a whole different story there... 

"The Antichrist" brings DESTRUCTION a couple of steps back towards the times when they kept their sound simpler and easier to get into it. I have to say it's basically Schmier's amazing riffwork on "The Antichrist" that carries the songs along and makes them sound thoroughly as great pieces of a classic German Thrash Metal. No doubt, Schmier has an excellent nose for things thrashy and catchy... - and addictive, too, as is to be heard in such songs as "Nailed to the Cross", "Bullets from Hell", "Creations of the Underworld", "Godfather of Slander", etc. - all fuckin' incredible examples of how Thrash Metal should be played and definitely 100% DESTRUCTION we all remember them sounding in the '80s.

I'm glad he decided to give one more chance for DESTRUCTION 'coz now all his efforts for the band are truly paying off and DESTRUCTION is getting stronger and stronger more than an average metal hero could even realize.

If the 2nd invasion of German Thrash Metal has ultimately taken form in "The Antichrist", then I'm all for it and welcome KREATOR to introduce their newly grown muscle of a punishing Thrash Metal on "Violent Revolution" next...
Track Listing

01. Days of Confusion
02. Thrash till Death
03. Nailed to the Cross
04. Dictators of Cruelty
05. Bullets from Hell
06. Strangulated Pride
07. Meet Your Destiny
08. Creations of the Underworld
09. Godfather of Slander
10. Let Your Mind Rot
11. The Heretic


Schmier – Vocals & bass
Mike – Guitar
Marc Reign – Drums

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