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September 2008
Released: 2008, AFM Reocrds
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Trying to get used to these ´voice-over´ versions of albums a little bit... FUCK NO!! At least this is less annoying to handle than ´beep-overs´ versions of promotional albums (no love for Arch Enemy´s RISE OF THE TYRANT because of that).

Destruction have returned among us again to thrash our hearts out. Every letter in the album title stands for the first letter of each song on Destruction´s 10th full-length album (only the Schmier era can be counted to this) in case someone hasn´t noticed that yet. Oh well, playing with letters is always a nice and fun way to spend your precious spare time (what´s that?), but playing some good thrash albums is always way more fun and more interesting than one could imagine at first. And D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. could be thrown to the category of ´good thrash albums´, which continues Destruction´s legacy as one of the originators of fine German thrash.

Starting off with the title track of the album, D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N., a typical signature sound of good ´n ol´ Destruction with piercing riffs and well fitting leads of Mike, Schmier´s nasty and screaming vocals, and everything which makes Destruction Destruction, are present right from the very start of the album. "E.levator of Hell" slows down the tempo a bit, having a bit more of a progressive and technical touch dominating the song structure compared to a more typical Destruction song (by this, I mean relentless little thrashers like "Mad Butcher" and "Bestial Invasion"), until all hell breaks loose toward the end. "V.icious Circle - the Seven Deadly Sins" starts off slowly building itself up, and eventually turns out to be quite a solid, catchy thrasher. One of my own favorites out from this opus, definitely. The next song, "O.ffenders of the Throne" puts the tempo down again, and unfortunately sounds pretty mediocre all in all - despite a promising beginning. Mike´s leads are probably the only good thing in this song, which sounds almost sad. "L.ast Desperate Scream" doesn´t break any speed limits either. It´s a mid-tempo tune with somewhat prog-ish riffing in it. Still a pretty nice and entertaining song all in all. In "U.rge (the Greed of Gain)", the guys decide to push the pedal little bit again, even though this is unfortunately another kinda mediocre tune too. Didn´t do much for me, sorry. "T.he Violation of Morality" brings Destruction back to some quality riffing that we have been used to hearing from them before - sounding mean and heavy, and simply proving why Destruction can still be considered as one of the leading forces of German thrash. The song thrashes your dick out from your pants. Even the good ´n ol´ Schmier fellow performs one quality high-pitched scream in this particular song - awesome!

Then we are dropped back on the hard ground again by "I.nner Indulgence", which unfortunately sounds like the guys are just jamming some song, without even wanting it to be a real song that would provide a great wholeness to the album. Another mid-tempo song that basically doesn´t go anywhere after it´s started. With a lot of promise in my pockets, "O.dyssey of Frustration" gladly does the trick, it is a wonderfully rockin´ thrasher. Mike´s lead work is superb in this tune - so is Schmier's distinct, nasty style of vocalism. And if the last song of the album, "N.o One Shall Survive" can be any sign of promise about Destruction´s fire power on their forthcoming tour, then I have to say I´m overall happy that this semi-legendary German thrash trio still exists, and makes some worth-your-attention-albums from time to time.

D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. is a good album from the Destruction thrash patrol, by no means any revolutionary great or overly stunning. Still, you might want to check this out.
Track Listing

01. D.evolution
02. E.levator to Hell
03. V.icious Circle - the Seven Deadly Sins
04. O.ffenders of the Throne
05. L.ast Desperate Scream
06. U.rge (the Greed of Gain)
07. T.he Violation of Morality
08. I.nner Indulgence
09. O.dyssey of Frustration
10. N.o One Shall Survive


Schmier - Vocals & bass
Mike - Guitar
Marc - Drums

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