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All Hell Breaks Loose
September 2000
Released: 2000, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Damn!!! This is the CD that I have been waiting on for years. This is just good, old fashioned, warp speed thrash! It wasn’t Destruction I was waiting for in particular. I was just hoping that someone would release a truly great thrash CD. Well this is it!! If you have been lamenting the loss of Forbidden and Exodus, Metallica’s sellout and Anthrax’s turn to a more modern sound then fret no more. Destruction are here to unleash a neck wrecking smorgasbord on the metal masses. Destruction released their first mini LP, Sentence of Death. In 1985 Destruction toured with the mighty Slayer and released their first full length disc Infernal Overkill. By 1989 tensions were running high in the band and during the recording of Cracked Brain bass player, singer and band leader Schmier quit. Jump to 1999 when original members Mike (guitar) and Schmier (bass) reform with new drummer Sven. There had been such an interest in Destruction by the fans that Schmier and Mike buried the hatchet, resurrected the band and recorded this slab of headbanging heaven!! All Hell Breaks Loose is 45 minutes and 12 tracks of pure. unadulterated THRASH!!!!

As is the norm for most metal CDs in the last few years All Hell Breaks Loose opens up with a short intro aptly titles "Intro" which leads into the absolute thrasher "The Final Curtain" This is just an all out metal assault played at warp speed with Schmier belting out the vocals. Schmier sounds to these ears like Russ Andersen from Forbidden. He has that same screaming yet controlled vocal delivery. "Machinery of Lies" is one of the strongest tracks on the disc. Sven absolutely kicks the shit out of his bass drum. To use a quote from the movie Trick or Treat this track is "Loud, fast and thrashin!". "Tears of Blood" slows it down just a notch but this is still a pounding song. "Devastation of Your Soul" settles into more of a groove but the Destruction guys still barely slow down enough to take a breath. "Extreme Measures" sounds the least like classic Destruction and oddly enough it is the slowest song on the disc. Other standout tracks include the title track, the thrasher "Total Desaster 2000" and "Visual Prostitution".

What more can be said about this CD. It is a great thrash CD. Schmier and Mike Sifringer did a great thing by reuniting. They have buried the hatchet, for the time being anyway, and the metal world is better for it. The addition of "Feet of Fury" Sven Vormann has only added to the punch of these Teutonic Metal Madmen. One thing that I have to say about the CD is that even though all the songs are played at warp speed, Destruction manages to keep all the songs unique enough so that they don’t all blur into one big moshing mess. Finally I have to say. This is the first 5 that I have given since I started writing for Metal Rules!! as this is one of the first CDs in a very long time with which I can find no fault. To find out more about Destruction check out their website at

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