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Beyond All Sense
October 2005
Released: 2005, GMR Music Group
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The is a new-recording of Destiny’s debut album BEYOND ALL SENSE that came out in 1985. It’s re-released because of the bands 20 years anniversary. The oldest piece of music on the album is the song “Ode To You” from 1983 however the lyrics are brand new and are written by Kristoffer Göbel in December 2004 as a tribute to the late Dimebag Darrel. This song was never released on any album and is the first bonus track on this album. The second bonus track “No Way Out” is a song originally intended to be included on the debut album, but was of left out because of the time limit in vinyl. Once again Kristoffer wrote brand new lyrics for an older piece of music.

The Destiny members of today are here interpreting the old Destiny songs. The band has gone through some member changes throughout the years. This re-recording was made in DRS in Gothenburg and in Studio Omega in Varberg, Sweden. It’s mixed by Christian Silver and mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic in Bohus Sound Recording and the great production was made by the band themselves, it sounds heavy with edgy guitars and amazing lead vocals.

The bands main problem, in my opinion, is the lead singer Kristoffer. After a while of intense listening I find myself getting really annoyed at his lead vocals. He doesn’t have any higher vocal range and the guys should really have toned down his primal screams because they don’t work at all, instead he should stick within the frames of what he’s capable of and lay off any attempts of pitching any higher notes.

There are 10 tracks on the album including 2 bonus tracks and they all sound great. The music is well played traditional heavy metal brought to us by some really competent musicians. Stefan, the bass player, has written in the booklet about what the album is about. There are also line notes to every song included written by the original members as well as the person that has written the song in question. As an extra bonus, a DVD is included that features a lot of goodies for the fans of the band. A good thing worth mentioning is that the guys dedicate this album to the late Dimebag Darrel and all the victims of the Tsunami last year.

Destiny from Gothenburg, Sweden struggles on and even if they aren’t one of the biggest bands from Sweden I think they deserve being listened to because they play true heavy metal and it’s well played heavy metal as well, only the fact that the guys have been playing for about 20 or more years ought to gain them respect. The things that drags down the rating is Kristoffer’s poor voice and the cover art-work isn’t too appealing either. This is definitely an album that all fans of heavy metal should invest in.

Killer tracks: “Kill The Witch”, “Ode To You”, “Power By Birth”, “No Way Out”.
Track Listing

Kill The Witch
Ode To You (bonus track)
Power By Birth
Rest In Peace
Madame Guillotine (Hang Them High)
No Way Out (bonus track)
More Evil Than Evil
Sirens In The Dark


Kristoffer Göbel – lead vocals
Stefan Björnshög – bass
Janne Ekberg – guitar
Borger Löfmann – drums

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