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The Inside
November 2008
Released: 2008, Lifeforce Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Destinity is a new band that has joined the Lifeforce Records family. This is the bands first release on this label however the band has been active since 1996. Destinity has released three albums on an underground label but these discs have only been released in the band’s native country France. During 2005 several new members joined the band and that made Destinity’s music move in a different musical direction. THE INSIDE is the bands first output worldwide and even before the disc is in the stores the band went out on the road with Dew-Sentenced and Severe Torture.

Because Lifeforce Records has signed the band you can almost guess what kind of music we are talking about here. It’s nothing but brutal yet melodic death metal. The music has calmer passages as well as a few Goth inspired parts. The speed isn’t that furious but it’s still very heavy. And despite no one is listed as keyboardist there are many keyboard passages in the songs.

The band has two lead vocalists, one sings clean vocals and one takes care of the growling parts. The two singers make the music stand out a little more compared to bands that only have one singer. The music is outstanding and the members all have a huge part on the album that is close to perfection. The only minor negative thing that I feel drags down the rating is the many keyboard parts that keep on coming in every song

The 10 songs are all run through quickly but despite that the band hasn’t compromised with the material. It feels like the band has put some serious efforts into the material and there isn’t a dull moment on the disc. It might take a while before you fully can appreciate the music because it’s quite complex. The entire album keeps a solid and a very high standard and THE INSIDE feels like the band’s big breakthrough album. But what can go wrong with a producer like Jacob Hansen and with a studio like Hansen Studio? Hansen has created the perfect production that includes solid rhythm lines and massive walls of deadly guitar riffs. All these elements combined with hazardous vocals make THE INSIDE a lethal injection of melodic death metal.
Track Listing

My Senseless Theory
Murder Within
Thing I Will Never Feel
Still Remember
A Thousand Falling Skies
Inhuman Corrosive Report
Ready To Leave
Enemy Process
Escaping Reality
The Inside


Mick – lead vocals
David – bass
Morteus – drums, clean vocals
Ponce – guitar
Zephiros – guitar

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