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Desolate Pathway
Of Gods And Heroes
March 2017
Released: 2016, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There has always been this bubbling cauldron of English Doom buried deep in the dungeon. It’s never pretty, it’s never hyped in mainstream Metal media, doesn’t see the light of day, doesn’t get videos on TV and it doesn’t make the trendy ‘Year-end list of the cool webzines. Maybe that is why it is so cool. Desolate Pathway certainly fall into this category.

In late 2016 the band released their second effort, OF GODS AND HEROES as an independent production. The sonic production is nice, good, fat, warm sound, everything nicely balanced in the mix. The band name is good, the album art is subdued (compared to some) but epic in scale as well. The album is thematically based about ancient Greece, a fertile ground for lyrical inspiration. We get songs about the Ferryman, Poseidon, Medusa all loosely based around the aquatic side of Greek Mythology.

Musically, Desolate Pathway are quintessential Doom. Drawing from the template of the masters as they churn and burn through 10 tracks of conventional Doom. I don’t want you to think that the word ‘conventional’ means inferior, far from it. OF GODS AND HEROES is an excellent album. The vocals of are commanding and epic in delivery, the riffs solid and the pace of the record, rarely wavers, just steamrolling along for 45 minutes. There are a few sound effects, most aquatic sounds, (waves, the creaking boards of ancient sea-faring vessels, seagulls,) that add to the already atmospheric songs. There is an occasional acoustic break but those are few and far between. The music is straight up classic, power-trio Doom, no ‘southern’ or ‘stoner’ influence, just rumbling heavy Metal with some nice and at times understand solos.

This review might seem a bit short but the only thing I can say is that OF GODS AND HEROES is a really solid example of how the English do Doom as good or better than anyone else. There is quite a bit of buzz in the true Metal underground, nothing but positive reviews for this album and I’m pleased to join the chorus of people who really enjoy this album.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. The Old Ferryman
3. The Perilous Sea
4. Medusa's Lair
5. Into the Realms of Poseidon
6. Enchanted Voices
7. Gods of the Deep
8. The Winged Divinity
9. Trojan War


Vince Hempstead Vocals,Guitar
Bass (various guests)
Mags Drums



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