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Desire Black
Last Call For Decadence
February 2005
Released: 2004, Excalibur Records
Rating: 0.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Desire Black’s LAST CALL FOR DECADENCE has got to be one of the most ineptly played, produced and written CDs I have ever heard. It is a demo and production should not be expected to be top-notch but this is truly horrendous. The vocals are so low in the mix that the lyrics are barely audible while the drums and guitars are so far in the front that they drown out everything (is there even a bass guitar present?). New Jersey’s Jimmy Matheos is the brains (ahem) behind this debacle having written all the songs and played almost everything so his ambition must be commended but a 14-year old with a guitar, the family computer and a recording program can now crank out a demo…and I have heard them! This is not rocket science but LAST CALL FOR DECADENCE is without a doubt one of the worst pieces of music I have ever heard.

Before I even pressed play, the song titles should have tipped me off (“Puke Til You Vomit,” “Slam Motherfucker Slam”…). If that wasn’t enough, one look at the lyrics in the booklet—did anyone ever think of rhyming “motherfucker” with “supper”?—and it becomes abundantly clear what we are dealing with here. “Slam (Motherfucker Slam)” is just plain ridiculous and the timing between the guitar and drums seem to be off as if the two are keeping two different beats. At first I thought it was just me but this same pattern continues on the next track “I’m Free,” (which, coincidentally, I was saying when this CD was finally over) as the drums, vocals and guitars are so out of sync with each other that I actually found myself chuckling at how bad this song is. The one glimmer of hope I had came on “Irish Eyes.” The song begins as an ambient piece that reminded me of Pjnk Floyd when suddenly a garbage can lid snare drum begins hammering away and a feedback-laden, painfully out of place guitar riff come in to ruin any positive comment I could have made.

At less than 28 minutes in length, LAST CALL FOR DECADENCE is mercifully short. The music seems to run the gamut from garage punk to…hell, I don’t know what. Just believe me when I say that this is dreadful and Jimmy Matheos should be banned from ever touching a musical instrument, writing a lyric or even entering a Radio Shack. So bad it’s sad…

Track Listing

1. Intro (My Way Is Better)
2. You're In Control
3. Bleed My Lips
4. Puke Til You Vomit
5. Slam (Motherfucker Slam)
6. I'm Free
7. Like
8. Welcome Ring
9. Irish Eyes
10. Dying


Jimmy Matheos—Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums
Eddie Blade—Drums

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