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End the Curse
July 2011
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

It’s times like this that I sometimes wish that the review scoring system was a bit different. Listening to Desideria’s self-released debut END THE CURSE, there’s plenty of promise and good ideas on the album that are unfortunately marred by muddy production and some iffy choices on behalf of the band.

Musically, the band incorporates elements of gothic metal, thrash, and Scandinavian black metal (think early Sentenced, Cemetery, or reeeal early Tiamat) that offers a decent foundation. And at their core, the songs themselves are reasonably solid, particularly later tracks like “Lightning Bolt,” “Excalibur” and “Wolf Cruelty Claw.” Galloping riffs with keyboard symphonics and grouchy vocal lines – it’s all good stuff. Not necessarily 100% original, but still good stuff nonetheless.

But any gains that END THE CURSE succeeds in are quickly squandered by almost non-existent production values and some unnecessarily distracting female vocals. Let’s start with the production issues. Yes, I’m totally cognizant that it’s an indie release and Desideria’s not going to have Rick Rubin behind the sound board, but the mix on END THE CURSE is so wide open and expansive that the performers sound miles apart from each other and much of what the band tries to convey musically gets lost in the audio abyss. As for female vocalist Mylene, I’m sure she’s a lovely young lady, but her falsetto sounds sorely out of key against the supporting instruments. Maybe it’s the way she was recorded, but she often sounds like she’s trying to keep up with the songs rather than contributing to them (see “Island of Death” as an example). The aforementioned production doesn’t help her situation, as it’s almost impossible to figure out what she’s actually singing, causing her contributions to sound like a nondescript whimper.

Going back to my initial statement of the scoring system, END THE CURSE merits an “E” for “Effort” but Desideria needs to work through some of its growing pains before they can make the kind of impact that they appear to be so eager to make.
Track Listing

1. Dragon Bravest Blizzard
2. Another Dimension
3. Island of Death
5. Knight of Hope
6. The Lion’s Den
7. Lightning Bolt
8. Excalibur
9. Wolf Cruelty Claw
10. Deliverance


Samuel S. – Guitars
Julien B. – Guitars
Jeremie S. - Keyboards
Tim S. – Drums
Marc R. – Bass
Pascal A. – Vocals
Mylene A. – Vocals

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