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Desert Sin
The Edge of Horizon
May 2009
Released: 2009, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I admit that I´m really not that aware of the Austrian metal scene for traditional heavy metal bands, but obviously they have one if this band named Desert Sin, is any proof for all that. The band has already recorded a couple of demos prior to this debut album of theirs (EDGE OF HORIZON, out on German Pure Steel Records), and even gained some pretty good response back from those releases.

Desert Sin draw their main influences, or inspiration from early Judas Priest (the ROCKA ROLLA/SAD WINGS era specifically) and early Iron Maiden albums, so if you are a fan of that era of Priest and Maiden (who wouldn´t?), I´m sure Desert Sin will make you curious about them. The melodic guitars cut the air pretty much the same way Murray-Smith or Tipton-Downing were capable of in their own bands. Also, the lead work of Stefan (Entner) and Sandro (Holder) follows quite precisely the same path that those aforementioned guitar legends have been wandering back and forth, from one album to the other.

Sandro Holder, the band´s vocalist, does a pretty decent job on this record, although he doesn´t really shine as an extraordinary heavy metal singer or anything like that. He´s good – yes, but he really doesn´t have any particular characteristics in his voice that would clearly mark him out from a gray mass of so many other good heavy metal vocalists. There´s a slight glimpse of Rob Halford´s magical heavy metal voice (when Rob was at his twenties or something) in Sandro´s vocals, excluding all those Rob´s trademark-ish high-pitched screams.

Without meaning it as an insult against Desert Sin or anything like that, nearly all of their songs sound – more or less - like either a Maiden, or Priest rip-off. Whether it can be considered as a good or a bad thing, it´s really up to you to decide, dear listener. I, however, did not find that fact too disturbing to ruin my appetite when spinning through their debut album. Just like I told you earlier, I have not had much experience from the Austrian metal scene for traditional heavy metal thus far, so it was sort of a good thing for me personally to discover Desert Sin from that country – despite their strong musical connections to early Maiden and Priest. EDGE OF HORIZON will obviously taste good for most of you traditional heavy metal fans out there, but be warned if you are looking for some sort of originality or uniqueness from this release, because in that case maybe you should try to look for it somewhere else instead.
Track Listing

01. Shadow Queen
02. Temple of the Shadow
03. The Summoner
04. Ice and Fire
05. Edge of Horizon
06. Tears in a Prophet´s Dream
07. Heal My Soul
08. Pharao
09. Gothic
10. The Enemy
11. Curse of Mamulon


Sandro Holzer - Vocals and guitar
Stefan Entner - Guitar
Rainer Fischer - Bass and backing vocals
Roman Fischer - Keyboards and programming
Harald Vogl - Drums

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