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Pathway To Deviance
December 2002
Released: 2002, Copro Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: The Punishment Due

This is the forth full length release from this death/grind band from South Wales. This is very brutal metal, but very tight at the same time. The first two songs completely blast past me when I listen to this, almost as if they weren’t there. Both of them are full of relentless brutality and a little hard to follow in general. The second track “Offer The Flesh” is VERY similar to Morbid Angel’s “Bil-Ur-Sag.” Things start to pick up with the third song “King Of The Missing.” The songs become better structured, pretty much ceasing to be the indecipherable mess that a lot of grindcore is.

Ollie Jones and Lee Evans churn out a lot of great and catchy riffs, and link all the various riff changes really well. Accompanied with the drumming, this music sounds very technical indeed. Think of the way Decapitated have a lot of very quick changes and what seem to be anomalistic riffs that last maybe 2 or 3 seconds, and completely change the course of the song. The lead play is nice too, although there isn’t an awful lot of it. It’s very atmospheric and not just a load of tapping and other madness just for the sake of it. The guitar tone is great too, very heavy and crispy, it really elevates the music with it’s mechanical sound. Ollie is also the vocalist and has a really deep and rough growl, but nothing really special or different from most death metal vocalists out there. His riffing does the talking!

The drumming is something that’s very important to me in my metal, and Michael Hourihan does not fail to impress me here. Of course, seeing as it’s death metal, there are a lot of blasts and really fast, crushing double bass. The speed of his drumming is phenomenal when he really wants to let rip. Aside from the speed of the drumming, it’s very well coordinated, with the hammering of the double bass often following each guitar chug perfectly. As I mentioned earlier, the way both the drummer and the guitarists suddenly change tempo and rhythms and take new directions in songs is just fantastic. Just like Decapitated, they often leave me startled, saying “where the fuck did that riff come from?”

Overall, a fine effort and very enjoyable indeed. Think a mixture of Morbid Angel ala DOMINATION, FORMULAS, Decapitated and Cannibal Corpse. It’s not overly amazing technical music or anything, but they get the job done and the point across. Some stand-out songs are “Swollen” and “Frosted Breath.”
Track Listing

1. Cleaver, Saw And Butcher's Knife
2. Offer The Flesh
3. King Of The Missing
4. Bloody Human Carvery
5. None Of Us Are Saints
6. Let's Have A Hanging
7. Swollen
8. Bathroom Autopsy
9. They Bled
10. Frosted Breath


Ollie Jones (vocals)
Lee Evans (guitar)
John Young (bass)
Mike Hourihan (drums)

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