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Desecrate the Faith
Unholy Infestation
February 2017
Released: 2017, Comatose Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

When you’re looking for some no-nonsense, smack you like a brick to the face brutal death metal, look no further than the Comatose Music roster. Houston’s Desecrate the Faith is a recent label acquisition, and their soon to be released UNHOLY INFESTION delivers on the statement above tenfold.

Pulling inspiration from the New York slam persuasion, you’ll hear nods to Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, and early Skinless across the album’s 12 tracks, but the Desecrate the Faith are more than prepared to make their own mark on the scene. The tunes are ripe with volleying riffs of carpal tunnel inducing dexterity, more blast beats than a normal human should be able to produce and semi-discernible, vomit from the gut vocals. Yes, the brutal death genre can be a bit of a single ingredient recipe, but tunes like “Malignant Divinity”, “Sacrilege Reborn”, the jazzified “Angel Eater” and the title track are executed with laser focus precision and a working class understanding of how to make your own special brand of hot sauce stand apart from the other guys.

Look – sometimes you don’t want to get all caught up with nuance, subtext or what the song is “really about” emotionally. Sometimes you just want to blow off some steam and rage with a primal and unpretentious soundtrack. Death metal’s best and brightest understand this, as does Desecrate the Faith. There are right ways and wrong ways to do this kind of metal; UNHOLY INFESTATION hits it right on the bloody, broken nose.
Track Listing

1. Daemones Nos Ave Satanas
2. Predatory Impalement
3. Malignant Divinity
4. Shrine of Enmity
5. Unholy Infestation
6. Magna Daemonia
7. Ceremonial Invocation
8. Sacrilege Reborn
9. Angel Eater
10. Septic Womb
11. Ascension of Belial
12. Let Us Burn (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)


John Hull – Vocals
Coleson Cowden – Bass
Mike Caputo – Drums
Tyler Shiery – Guitars
Jonathan Bayliss – Guitars



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