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At The Edge Of Sanity
April 2013
Released: 2012, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I’ve seen a lot of albums over the years and my immediate impression is that AT THE EDGE OF SANITY by Desecrate is one of the nicest, most attractive packages by an independent band I’ve ever seen. They obviously spent a lot of money. I’m not suggesting that money and presentation are the most important factors, outranking songs and performance, but a gorgeous package like this is sure to attract attention. If you have the means why not make it totally pro from day one?

Desecrate is an American quartet that have been around over ten years and they put out a debut in 2005 and an EP in 2008. AT THE EDGE OF SANITY is a gorgeous, double digipak with really eye-catching art-work. It also comes with a bonus DVD which is a hour long-making of. It’s well-shot, well produced with some nice graphics and good sound. It’s essentially a video diary of a year in the studio lots of interviews and shots of things getting done in the studio. It is a nice bonus.

The album itself is a real treat. The band play a very intense sort of progressive/power/thrash…just totally Metal from all angles. Desecrate really mean business. The songs are well composed with lots of changes and arrangements without straying too far from a sense of a listenable song. There is a sense of force and intensity on the cuts. This is a hard sound to play, capture and perfect like Desecrate has. I think a very few other 90’s bands like Forte, Delirious, Warhead, and one of my favourites, Rage have successfully blended the power, melody and thrash. It’s hard to do well.

The production by Rich Bruce is top notch, a nice balance and mix of everything, it’s heavy, warm and even a little dark, not too much treble. AT THE EDGE OF SANITY is a fantastic record for those like their metal fast, dark, heavy, intelligent and with real meat on it’s bones.
Track Listing

1. Retribution's End
2. Spawn Of Ashes
3. Fury Within
4. Signed For Life
5. Repent
6. Erased
7. Invisible Dream
8. Obsession
9. EXpectations Of Ecstasy
10. Line Of Insanity
11. Altered Creations
12. Power Trip


Nick Simile- Vocals, Guitar
Chase Becker- Guitar
Hakon Engvig - Bass
Ryan Healey - Drums



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