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Desecr8 (EP)
January 2006
Released: 2005, Chunks Of Meat Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Long ago, at an indie Death Metal show, I drunkenly agreed to review this band’s EP. That was many moons and shots ago, and as time, responsibility, and hangovers piled upon me, I forgot I even had this thing for months. Uh…sorry, guys. It’s all part of the business, I’m afraid.

I get a lot of crappy demos. Some of them are unbearable. But then, there are surprises. Truthfully, I figured I would give this a courtesy spin, shake my head and sigh abit, and hope they don’t remember who I am. But then, the surprise…

Despite a silly name and logo, Desecr8 is—hands down—one of the best true Death Metal acts to come out of St. Louis in quite awhile. This debut EP shows a band seasoned beyond their years, and furious beyond their peers. Though packaged like a demo disc, this sucker roars like a mack truck in your skull, with surprisingly proficient production, and a solid, beefy sound. The riffs are razor-sharp, causing ripples across the pools of poser blood from the skulls caved in by the thunder of the drums. The vocals are varied, and appropriate. I was remembered a bit of later Demolition Hammer, and lucky for this band, I was most certainly in the mood.

This is, for the most part, a mid-paced plod. At times, it could stand to up the dose, and hasten pace; but, all in all, this has a massive groove. This is isn’t terribly technical, but it’s simple and powerful. This band makes the most of very little.

This isn’t perfect—there were lots of little things that tweaked me here and there; but I was simply so blown away by the sheer power and confidence exuded by this band, that I was willing to overlook the majority of their flaws. I’ve heard entire albums from established bands that weren’t nearly this inspired, or as listenable. To be honest, it’s a bit repetitive, and the lyrics need some work. The concepts aren’t the most original. The songs themselves, on a compositional level, are nothing new—you’ve heard this stuff before; but it’s played with utter abandon, and the songs are actual songs. Given the climate of these piece-meal Metalcore times, there’s something to be said for writing catchy songs—especially in Death Metal, no doubt. Really, my biggest gripe is the lack of solos—but given the more “deathcore” nature of the music, there isn’t always room within the song.

I didn’t set out to compliment this band so heavily—and true, this band has room to grow, and far to go. But the magnitude of their potential to succeed within their niche is obvious, and worthy of encouragement. I really liked this, and continued to play it long after my review session was done. This disc is worth your dollar at the show, even if it does look like your kid brother did the cover. The SOD Mag crowd will love this, and fans of groove-based Death Metal should find themselves a sleazy pub to crawl into, and wait for this rising act to stumble through.

(NOTE: Since writing this review, the band has since adjusted their name to "DESECRHATE." OK...that's better.)
Track Listing

1. Tortured
2. Blood Lost
3. Brutality


Craig - vocals
Alex - guitar
Tom - guitar
Nik - bass
Lee - drums

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by Gabriel C. Zolman

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