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The Awakening
April 2010
Released: 2010,
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Desdemon are a female fronted, dark/gothic Power Metal band from the NYC area, making a name for themselves opening up for international acts in the tri-state area and even making a trip overseas for a festival gig in Belgium. THE AWAKENING is a 36 minute 5 song EP, not very well produced, a bit muffled along with some mixing issues, but still fair enough to throw into the ring, showcasing a squarely Euro vibe rarely heard on the NYC circuit.

The first impression is an upbeat positive. Full of interesting melody and moments of inspired guitar work, most notably on the 11 minute epic 'In The Absence of Light', where axeman Lord Metadox has some great solo moments. Despite some of the muffling, I like how his guitar seems full and chunky. Desdemon use keyboards, and where some bands use the keys to make their sound fuller, Lord Metadox and Nick Gati complement each other with a successful mesh. Still, there's some issues for me with composition that need to be worked out, shorten up some of the overkill, trying a bit to overtly to convey emotion, bordering on being overly mawkish.

Lots of attention is paid to vocalist Mistress Tina who is a cute girl with a nice voice. At times she comes really close to being powerful, but kind of shuts off before the explosion. A good producer could probably take her to the next level, where she can really let go, let out the power. At this point it sounds like she's trying a bit too hard to control her vocals and at points it gets a bit nasally. Still, the overall texture has that feminine beauty and mystique and she's on the right track. I look forward to more from Desdemon.
Track Listing

1. Aquiescene of Illusion
2. A Soul in Exile
3. Iago
4. The Burning Martyr
5. In the Absence of Light


Mistress Tina – Vocals
Lord Metadox – Guitar
Dan Rhodus – Drums
Ron Porcelli – Bass
Nick Gati - Keys

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