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The Last Solid Experience
September 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

I don’t know how detailed of a review of this I can give of this CD because the only thing I received in the mail other than the CD was a signed certificate of authenticity. I am the proud owner of certified CD #23. The only other thing I can surmise from the Cd itself is that the band is Italian as the their mailing address is Milano, Italy. Deschutz play a style of metal which strikes me as a cross between early Maiden, early Motorhead with a liberal sprinkling of folk influence thrown in for good measure. The band consists of Raoul: lead vocals, Rino: guitar, Marco: guitar, Frank: bass and Jacopo: Drums.

THE LAST SOLID EXPERIENCE is a 5 track e.p The opening track is"The Summoning" which segues into "The Glory of Caesar". This is definitely the best song on the disc and has some of the strongest folk leanings of all the tracks. "Under a Glacial Moon" is a heavier track that mixed both clean and death vocals. The song also has an interesting jazz influenced breakdown section that throws you for a loop on the first listen but kinda grows on you after a few spins. I don’t know what but "Mare Nostrum" is reminds me of the live version of "Detroit Rock City" by Kiss. It’s not that the song itself sounds like it but it does have a guitar lead that sounds exactly like the end of "Detroit Rock City" as soon as I heard it all I could picture was Kiss doing this song. Its too heavy for Kiss. Almost thrashy. The CD closes with an acoustic outro entitled "Dispersion". Again almost jazzy sounding. If I have left the impression that these guys have a sound thats hard to pigeonhole then you are right. I could name a half dozen other bands that I hear in their music. They manage to blend it all together into a fairly decent package. A better production would have been nice but for a small indie release its not bad. If you get the chance, email the band at for more info.
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