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Enter Annihilation
November 2008
Released: 2008, Massacre Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

During 2007 friends Simvonis (ex- Godlike Demon), Constantine (ex-Nightrage) and Theo came together to form a brand new band. Their mission was to create a musical act that would combine death/thrash metal with modern elements yet still maintain the influences of old school death/thrash metal. They wanted their band to sound something like Trivium, Children of Bodom, Soilwork, At The Gates and Exodus. They instantly recorded a demo tape and shortly after that joined Antony (Nile) and Noir to the band. The band has its roots in Greece and is led by the former Nightrage guitarist Constantine.

There’s nothing wrong with the music. Guitarists Constantine and Theo have an amazing guitarplay going on. The rhythm section feels heavy and solid and they manage to play both heavy and fast. The weakest link in the line up is unfortunately the lead singer Simvonis that mostly shouts out his lyrics with no feeling at all. This band needs a much stronger singer that can sing with a varied register and that is something Simvonis aren’t capable off.

And to say that the band plays a modern kind of death/thrash metal is a little misguiding. I think Descending plays more of a technical and complex kind of modern melodic thrash metal with some mellcore parts. The music includes both tempo and speed and keyboards to get a more melodic twist on the music. One positive thing is that the tempo isn’t hazardous all the time; the band has included a few calmer parts as well. And the music doesn’t lie close to At The Gates or Exodus. Think of Soilwork, Trivium or Children of Bodom instead, there lays the closeness.

I don’t think that Descending has managed to find their own identity at all, instead they sound like the any other band in this genre and then especially the newer acts mentioned above. Partially does ENTER ANNIHILATION sound good but those few moments don’t save the entire album. The album has potential of becoming so much better especially with such skilled musicians. As it is now it feels boring to listen to Descending and I guess that wasn’t what the band wanted. I suggest the band returns to their rehearse area and take some time to think over what musical approach they want to have. The only positive thing is the great axe-work.
Track Listing

Enter Annihilation
Horror Show
Part Of The Game
Killer Instinct
Raging Cold Blood
The Creation Remains
Your Valentine
Day To Die = Die Today
Competition Suicidal Role
The Trust


Jon – lead vocals
Constantine – guitar
Theo – guitar
Noir – bass
Antony –drums



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