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The Arts Of Destruction
June 2012
Released: 2012, Metal Blade
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It was about ten years ago I reviewed the debut album by Desaster and it’s been quite a while since I visited the band. In fact it’s been almost five years since SSS came out but not much has changed. The lineup of Sataniac, Infernal, Odin and Tormentor are all back and the band is still on Metal Blade and if anything the band have gotten a bit heavier.

This is the bands 7th album and they still have their signature sound of thrashy blackened Metal fully intact. THE ARTS OF DESTRUCTION is par for the course, 45 minutes, an intro, an outro and nine grinding songs that fall in the 3-4 minute range. The up-tempo songs grind along, Sataniac howls his heart out and the band pummels everything in their way. Sloppy and frantic, the energy is undeniable. On ‘Possessed And Defiled’ the band does stretch out over the 8+ minute track and it starts a little slower and incorporates a variety of tempos. ‘Splendour Of The Idols’ is also a bit slower but for the most part speed prevails. In a sense this short review is a non-review because Desaster have presented another excellent album of Germanic, blackened thrash, with little or no variation, none wanted, none needed.

There is an elite vanguard of bands that are committed, loyal and true to the principles of Metal and Desaster is certainly one of those bands. THE ARTS OF DESTRUCTION is ample proof of this!
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. The Art of Destruction
3. Lacerate (With Rays of Doom)
4. The Splendour of the Idols
5. Phantom Funeral
6. Queens of Sodomy
7. At Hell's Horizons
8. Troops of Heathens, Graves of Saints
9. Possessed and Defiled
10. Beyond Your Grace
11. Outro



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