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Crawl to Die
October 2014
Released: 2014, n/a
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Staff

Death metal and grindcore don’t mix well in my book. But if you can take the technical ferocity of death metal and combine it with the grindcore madness, you may get a surprisingly satisfactory result. Derrame, a newcomer on the Portuguese metal scene, claim to be old school death metal. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It’s actually a mix of death metal with grindcore, with a rather lower production value, resulting in a low quality sound and music, that doesn’t deliver. Playing since 2008, Derrame had gone through a number of line-up changes playing in Portuguese clubs, until they decided that the current line-up is stable enough to record their first EP titled CRAWL TO DIE. For those of you who are following the underground scene, you may have noticed that these guys have already released a video clip on YouTube. In case you haven’t seen it yet but are planning to, be prepared for a B-class snuff movie involving scissors.

The first track ‘Creator’ starts the EP with some faster riffs that appear to be building up to something, which actually never results. In the end, my musical tastes were left unsatisfied. And it just went downhill from there. The album’s title song ‘Crawl To Die’ is a slower down-beat track which tries to imitate pathological grindcore, but the quality of the music (and the video) result in a rather ridiculous spectacle. The rest of the tracks fall somewhere in between badly produced death metal with grindcore vocals, but no track is neither a satisfactory death metal nor grindcore.

Playing through the album, two very distinct contrasts became apparent. On one hand, the guitar work and the riffs are OK and they have an idea. Pedro’s low key growling is also fits in nicely. The other contrast is the very low technical quality of the drums, which seem to be holding the band down. On numerous places throughout the EP, the drummer falls out of time and you don’t have to be the most focused listener to notice it. The bass also has a distinct and noticeable sound, which you may or may not like.

Derrame’s EP low production value shows. That would not be a total deal breaker if the songs were good though. It is definitely not an old school death metal band as they claim, nor is it grindcore. It is somewhere in between and it just doesn’t deliver the good from either genre. The low production and technicality can hardly justify the 5 Euro value of this EP. Not a bad start but they still have to define their style, sound and perhaps work on the technical aspect a little bit. They’ve got the potential and with a little work their full length album could be a success.

Review by Adam Zelenay
Track Listing

1. Creator
2. Crawl to Die
3. Back To Inferno
4. Necro Messiah
5. Holocausto Atómico


Pedro – Vocals
Fred – Bass
Nigel – Guitar
Nelson – Lead Guitar
Cris - Drums

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