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Human Reset
October 2014
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

After years of over saturation in the power metal scene, there isn’t much left in the genre with the ability to surprise. That’s not to say that there isn’t some damn fine power metal being written and released, of course, and Italy’s Derdian are a prime example of this. The band got their start back in 1998, eventually working their way up the ranks to release well-regarded, if somewhat ignored, albums on the likes of Steelheart Records, and Magna Carta Records. The band made the decision to go the independent route in 2012, coinciding with the introduction of their new vocalist (Ivan Giannini).

HUMAN RESET is the band’s second album with Giannini at the helm, and from the second that the title track kicks in after the intro track, it’s clear that Derdian have mastered the art of symphonic Italian power metal. After all, this is the band’s fifth album, so they know what they’re doing. The track is fast, the guitar and keyboard interplay is smooth and intricate, and Giannini’s clear vocals soar over top of it all. It sure isn’t anything new, but it is so well written and executed that the song has quickly become one of my favorite power metal anthems this year. Fortunately, the song is symptomatic of the album as a whole as the band throw every power metal trick in the book at you over the course of the album’s lengthy lucky thirteen cuts. Some songs are better than others, but there’s not a truly bad song to be heard during the hour-long album.

As the album was playing all I could think, as a power metal fan, was “how have I never heard these guys before?!?”. Like me, power metal fans that have yet to check out Derdian can just go ahead and blind purchase this one with confidence. Now that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed HUMAN RESET, I will definitely be looking to pick up the band’s previous albums.
Track Listing

1. Eclipse
2. Human Reset
3. In Everything
4. Mafia
5. These Rails Will Bleed
6. Absolute Power
7. Write Your Epitaph
8. Music is Life
9. Gods Don’t Give a Damn
10. After the Storm
11. Alone
12. Delirium
13. My Life Back


Ivan Giannini: Lead Vocals
Enrico “Henry” Pistolese: Guitar, Vocals
Dario Radaelli: Guitar
Marco “Gary” Garau: Keyboards
Luciano “Lucio” Severgnini: Bass
Salvatore Giordano: Drums



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