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Into Oblivion
February 2015
Released: 2015, Memento Mori
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Addison Herron-Wheeler

Deprive are a recently-formed one-man band based out of Spain, who play old-school death metal with a black metal touch and satanic lyrics to go with the blackened flavor. When I was first asked to review this album, I knew nothing about the group and listened to them completely blind. While old-school style metal like this is rarely groundbreaking or exceedingly unique, I was struck by how catchy and memorable the groups sounds was, how they still manage to be really heavy, and how although they are undoubtedly worshiping Dark Throne and Morbid Angel, they still sound unique. I was even more impressed when I learned the entire creative team was just one person.

From what I can tell online, this is the group’s first album, aside from one demo that was recorded in 2013, entitled DE VERMIS MYSTERIIS. The album is ten tracks long, thirteen counting the bonus tracks. Some of the songs that stand out the most to me are “Infamous Ossuary of Tribulation,” which has a very strong lead, and “Divine Blood of the Deceased.” The album is available for free download online, and also on CD.

I would strongly recommend this to most metal fans, as it has such universal appeal. Anyone who can appreciate classic death and black metal should dig this, yet it is not cheesy “throwback” metal that would alienate some listeners. Check this out if at all possible; this guy is bound to be one of the artists to watch for 2015!
Track Listing

1. Catacombs of Betrayal
2. Nightsky Revelation
3. Fall of Entropy
4. Infamous Ossuary of Tribulation
5. Dethroned Messiah
6. Apocryphal Mausoleum
7. Immemorial Ritual Beyond Death
8. An Oath of Necrotical Mist
9. Into Oblivion
10. Divine Blood of the Deceased
11. The Arrival
12. Innards of Heaven
14. De Vermis Mysteriis
13. Below the Screams of the Dying


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