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The New Army for the Old Revolution
December 2009
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Swedish heavy yet melodic metallers Denied was formed in 2003 by guitarist Andreas Carlsson. Denied recorded their debut album, 7 TIMES YOUR SIN, in 2005 – and stirred up some positive attention with that particular album, especially in their home country Sweden.

As the old recipe goes, some things are just never everlasting. Line-ups tend to change, and that has happened with Denied too. After several line-up changes – and having only vocalist Jari (ex-Human Rage) and Andreas left from the line-up of 7 TIMES album, Andreas eventually found guitar player Mike Jakobsson (Pandemonic), bass player Robert Stellmar (Icondemn, ex-Human Rage) and drummer Pete Dolls (ex-Make Me Sick) to complete his ideal line-up for Denied - and the band was back in track again to start writing new material for the next Denied album.

In 2008 that process was completed, and the band 2nd album, titled THE NEW ARMY FOR THE OLD REVOLUTION, was ready to hit the streets again, self-released the same way as the band´s debut album 3 years ago.

Denied´s album introduces the band´s strong, muscular biceps for a relatively catchy, mid-paced metal in which Jari´s somewhat powerful vocal parts along with Mike´s guitar parts – played with surprisingly heavy hands, are what seem to steal the main attention from listeners – and this is strengthened by Robert´s strong bass lines along with Pete´s uncompromising drum work. The songs itself are modern sounding, straight metal songs that simply ooze lots of testosterone, sweat, blood and broken drum sticks and finger nails. Think something along the lines of such bands like Fight, Pantera, Candlemass, Painmuseum and later era Anthrax, and you can basically figure out that musical battlefield where Denied are fighting their way toward a hard earned victory. What is also noticeable about their stuff, they use a considerable amount of backing vocals in their songs that overall give just more power and masculine charm to the songs. What I also tend to admire on this album, are Mike´s solo work that is very skilful and passionate. He has seemed to put lots of time into his solos, thinking them through really carefully, which is definitely a great thing, his solos adding always something extra into the songs.

Denied´s stuff is only not all about mean sounding, straight metal but the fun element is also a part of the band´s public face, as a song called “Red Threat” so clearly proves it. It´s kinda experimental, rock-ish effort in which the end part is sung in Finnish – and some of the most typical Finnish swear words are used in it too (“perkele-vittu!“, “saatanan mulkku!”, “saatanan kyrpä!”, etc.), making it to sound rather hilarious all in all. However, from my part I can tell that my two very favorite songs from this release are “Lazarus”, which reminds me of Candlemass for all its heaviness, epicness and creeping eerie feeling in it – and then F.E.A.R., that is just heavier than big hairy sacks kept in cruel celibacy for the last 6 months.

I wasn’t overly ´sold´ by the wholeness of this album, but nevertheless I can only say that it´s got some good and even better-than-just-decent stuff in it - and therefore I will definitely keep my eyes out for their future trial of strengths.
Track Listing

01. The Black Room
02. Three Degrees of Evil
03. Slave Not Man
04. Lesser Son
05. Lazarus
06. Rise
07. Stuck
08. Crossdraft
09. Red Threat
10. F.E.A.R.


Jari - Vocals
Andreas Carlsson - Guitar
Mikael Jacobsson - Guitar
Robert Stellmar - Bass
Pete Dolls - Drums

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