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Denial Machine
Denial Machine
March 2010
Released: 2010, n/a
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Munkwunk

DENIAL MACHINE is the self-titled debut of this Chicago-based band, and it's a solid way to kick off their career in the Metal world. According to the band's bio, two of its current members were once part of a hard rock band called Ditchwater, which dissolved after several years and some ill-fated circumstances. Now guitarist Mark Anderson and drummer Jaycen Angone, together with Eamon Skube (vocals) and Mark Cichra (also on guitar) have released their first new album under the band's new name, Denial Machine.

DENIAL MACHINE is a little over 51 minutes long and weighs in at 12 tracks; a good average length for an album. With each track the listener is engaged by the skillfully crafted melodic death metal presented by the band. The music is filled with melodic leads (both guitar and vocal) and mixed with harsh growls and rhythms. There is also a good mix of mid- and fast-paced (most songs mix the two together) to ensure that all of the bases are covered.

Everything is put together remarkably well for a first release, and in fact was mastered by James Murphey (Obituary, Death, Testament). Unfortunately, where the album comes up lacking is its diversity amongst its individual tracks. While each song can stand on its own and be a good listen, there simply isn't enough variation to keep all 51 minutes interesting when listened to all at once. Mix the tracks in with the rest of your music collection and they'll be great when they come up, but listen to twelve in a row and your mind might start to wander after a while.

If that's the only complaint about the album though, you know the band has done some things right. DENIAL MACHINE is definitely a good start for the band, and if future releases remain as solid then they may one day be a force to be reckoned with.
Track Listing

01. Whom The Gods Would Destroy - 3:52
02. The Denial Machine - 5:20
03. A Symbol Of Obsession - 3:51
04. Idée Fixe - 4:02
05. This Burden (Tortured) - 3:08
06. Simulacrum Of Hope - 3:16
07. Another Savior - 5:09
08. The God Particle - 4:39
09. Execute: Vengeance - 4:14
10. Delivering Failure - 4:25
11. The Judas Goat - 3:23
12. Worms Of The Earth - 6:05


Eamon Skube - Vocals
Mark Anderson – Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
Mark Cichra – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Flamenco Guitar, Piano
Jaycen Angone - Drums

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