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Departed To Hell
January 2004
Released: 2000, Ghoul
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Right off the top there are many potentially fatal flaws in this band. Weird and boring cover, uninspired packaging, no lyrics, virtually no credits, lousy photos and what the hell is Denata supposed to mean? It sounds like the name of a compact car or family minivan.

The production is sub-par (but that never bothered me) and the whole thing seems to be an in- joke, one that I obviously don’t get. Denata is a three-piece band with the drummer acting as vocalist, often the kiss of death for a live act. Ultimately this is the result of what a little money and motivation can do, anyone can churn out a CD these days.

Denata play a brand of fairly inspired deathrock and in fact they do inject a fair amount of “death” into the rock unlike Entombed who perhaps weigh in on the “rock” side of the “deathrock” equation. The song titles (and lyrics as far as I can tell because they are quite brutal) fall into in a tongue in check, half-humour, half-serious vein. I got a kick out of “Necro Erection” and “Kill you with a Saw” Check out these lyrics. “Heavy Metal is the Law. If you don’t agree I kill you with a saw”! Love it! I can’t believe they actually have a song called “666” and “Mistress of Buffalo Shit” leaves me scratching my head.

Sonically they are a decent yet ultimately sub-par death metal band that is likely to remain opening up in the local bar for the heavy weights of death that pass through their town. However this is there second release and have since released a third called DEATH TRAIN. The small label Arctic Music supposedly has been sniffing around this Swedish act. Who knows maybe with a lucky break this unoriginal (yet competent) death/thrash/rock band will make it. Time will Tell.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Necro Erection
3. Happy Days
4. Sent From Hell
5. Stench In My Throat
6. Kill You with A Saw
7. Mistress of Buffalo Shit
8. Heavy Metal highway
9. Saccharified & Grey
10. 666


Ponta-vocals, drums



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