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May 2002
Released: May, Arctic Music Group
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Denata is another Sweden-based band from Linköping. Denata was formed by Pontus and Tomas back in '98 and after some search after a bass player they found Roger and Denata was a fact. After a lot of rehearsing and preparing they felt redo to release a debut witch came in '00 called “DEPARTED TO HELL”. They signed on for their present label they following year and they started to work on a follow up. Their debut feels a bit unbalanced both music and lyric wise and the songs lack some stronger and better songs but despite those things you can sense that Denata had the potential back on the debut to go far. On this second album it feels like they have developed in the right direction to be a unit as a band and it also feels like they have worked harder with the music and the lyrics.

As an old thrash fan like myself of the old bands like Metallica, Slayer, Kreator, Testament and Venom this sounds really good I think. If you haven’t figured it out already Denata plays aggressive, brutal, raw old school thrash metal. It goes really fast on this album and it’s a lot of tempo changes trough the short songs. This album doesn’t include many guitar solos but you can sense some parts that could be taken for solos in this heavy guitar grinding music. Denatas music has some similarities with another Swedish band Dimension Zero – they don’t have any guitar solos either.

“DEATHTRAIN” was recorded in May '01 in Guja Studio in their hometown Linköping by the band who made a great job both with the production and the sound picture. The band has written all of the 12 songs except for the intro that starts off the record. They have managed to get the sound picture sound just as it did in the 80’s which I like a lot. Tomas and Pontus shares the vocals but they have also brought in some guest vocalists like Toxine from Witchery, ex-Séance and Johan Larsson.

So let the pure deadly thrash assault begin…. The album starts off with an intro that feels just like the theme music from The Addams Family and that feels not quite right. “Deathtrain” old school thrash with Pontus on vocals. This track is really fast and heavy but there are some slower parts along the way. “1349” fast old school trash metal with Tomas on lead vocals. Toxine and Johan help Tomas on this song. “Slaughter Machine” once again it’s Pontus on lead vocals with Toxine as a back up. In this track there are some heavy guitar riffing and the speed on everyone are really high. “The Black Lodge” again it’s Pontus that takes care of the vocals and this song goes really fast. This is a real old school track. “Pentagram” the speed slows down a bit but Pontus sounds as angry as he does on the other tracks. A whole lot of tempo changes trough the song. “Go To Hell” heavy thrash metal, this track is not so fast and this is the second song Tomas sings on so far. There’s a slower parts in the middle before the tempo rises. “Three Fingers”, "The Funeral”, “Hellish Surgery” and “Upon The Hill” old school trash with a lot of guitar high up in the mix. “Kill Your Roots” finishes off this second album with Denata and its heavy grinding trash metal, the tempo rises in parts of the song.

Denatas second album DEATHTRAIN is very strong, the things that drags down the rating are the fact that this album is to short, 12 songs on 30 minutes feels a bit cheap. The lyrics are not one of the best I’ve heard; they are a bit morbid just look at the titles. The cover is not so brilliant either but those are minor things. If you like old school thrash metal from the 80’s those minor faults doesn’t matter so much. Pontus and Tomas impresses on vocals but I think that Tomas feels a bit stronger. Pontus is stable behind the drums and Tomas grinding guitar play feels solid. There’s only one thing to say about this; if you like thrash metal and if you were a part of the first wave of trash in the 80’s this album is worth checking out.

Denata faced some big problems during '02 when Pontus had to leave the band because of illness and the band had to re-group. They picked up Åke Danielsson on drums and Tomas took on all the lead vocals, this year they have released a new album called “ART OF THE INSANE” on which the band had developed incredibly.
Track Listing

Slaughter Machine
The Black Lodge
Go To Hell
Three Fingers
Upon The Hill
The Funeral
Hellish Surgery
Kill Your Roots


Tomas Andersson – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Pontus Sjösten – Lead Vocals, Drums
Roger Blomberg – Bass

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