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Art Of The Insane
January 2003
Released: 2003, Arctic Music Group
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is the third album from the Swedish based Denata from Linköping. Denata is about to follow up their latest effort DEATHTRAIN from '01 and on this album they have worked even harder and taken their music to another level. The reason to their new improved music development could maybe be explained by the fact that they have changed studio from Guja Studio to Hellsmell Studio (both are located in Linköping) and that hey have used a producer instead of producing themselves.

ART OF THE INSANE was recorded during January-March '03 and they was produced by Mique and Toxine (Witchery) together with the band. The production and the soundpicture are very hard and heavy just like it should sound. They have done a much better job with the production on this album than on the previous one. Theirs is nothing bad to say about the production at all. Denata plays very well played old school trash/heavy metal and they have developed their music a lot compared to DEATHTRAIN. ART OF THE INSANE is a very violent and brutal album with some more melodic parts and the tempo is more shifting than on the previous album. Tomas impress on vocals with his broad vocal range and he shifts between ordinary/trash and sometimes growling vocals trough out the album and on guitar, the new member Åke is not to bad behind the drums and they sure sound like a lot more members in the band than only three.

The band has gathered 13 tracks on this album, 12 are their one and one is a cover by Celtic Frosts “Morbid Tales”. This trash metal madness begins with “Marionettes Of Death” fast trash heavy metal with a lot of tempo. Tomas shifts between ordinary vocals and more aggressive growling vocals. “Insomnia” intro with only guitar before the band starts off. The tempo rises, old school trash metal and here Tomas sounds really aggressive. It’s also a lot of tempo changes. “Prophecies” and “Satanic Trash Hell” heavy trash metal with slow parts in the middle with just acoustic guitar and vocals before it goes back to the original music again. “Whitechapel's Murder” heavy/raw trash metal. This track is not so fast and once again Tomas shows his aggressive side. In the chorus Tomas voice sounds even darker. “Art Of The Insane” intro with only acoustic guitar before it starts off and the tempo rises on all of the members in the verses. In the chorus the speed slows down and in the middle there’s a slower part where it goes real slow. “A World Of Lies”, “Below The Surface”, “No More Dawn”, “Haunted Ground” and “Convicted” fast trash heavy metal with very angry lead vocals and a lot of tempo changes. “Born In Sin” starts off with the first chorus instantly. Heavy grinding trash metal and in the verses the tempo rises. The chorus is instantly repeating trough the song and it’s mostly chorus trough the song and not so many verses. “Morbid Tales” is the last song. It’s fast old school thrash and it goes really fast. In the middle there’s a slower part and a shorter guitar solo before the tempo rises again.

Denata impresses big time. If you’re a fan of old school thrash/heavy metal, a strong vocalist/guitarist, well written material, a good production and a lot of guitar riffs this is definitely something for you. The album doesn’t have so many guitar solos but it works anyway. Denata has done a really strong album and all of the songs are really strong. I haven’t any favourite song all songs are equal. As an old thrash fan I think this is brilliant, and Denata has delivered a brilliant third album. With this album they ought to gain more fans around the world and I’ll hope that they are heading out on the road so you can catch them live.
Track Listing

Marionettes Of Death
Whitechapel’s Murder
Art Of The Insane
Satanic Trash Hell
A World Of Lies
Below The Surface
Born In Sin
No More Dawn
Haunted Ground
Morbid Tales


Tomas Andersson – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Åke Danielsson – Drums
Roger Blomberg – Bass

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