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Demonic Mortuary
Thirst For Fucking Carnage
July 2005
Released: 2005, Rusty Axe Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Now this is just adorable. It’s positively lovable, in every sense—unless you’re a musician or an Opeth fan, which, in this case, butt out. Truly, lovers of Blackened 80’s Euro-Thrash and cultish, Fangoria-reading undergrounders will want this, and post-haste.

If this were 1985, or even 1987, this demo would have been swapped around like spit and sperm in porno. It’s gritty and it’s vile. Remember when crappy little tapes by bands like Necrovore and Phantasm went around? This band does. And if you don’t, you should pick this up to experience just what that was like. It isn’t really good, but you know what? It also ain’t half bad.

A word must be said about the packaging. It’s…well…SPECIAL. Nestled like contaband in a folded makeshift Xerox paper sleeve, with both “Death To False Metal!!!” and “Play It Loud Mutha!!” scrawled lovingly across, it contains a pair of hand-rendered drawings that simply make the whole damn thing shine with so much adolescent charm. If I were 13, I’d have written this band letters. (Although if I were 13, I could still draw a better Satan. Sorry, guys.).

Musically, the band rarely strays from its Bathory-meets-Repulsion-at-the-local-pub foundations. The musicianship is adequate; the production is about what you’d expect from the cover art. Some songs are catchy as gehenna (“Demonic Mortuary”); others go on a bit longer than they should (“Demons Of Flight”) All in all…It’s thrash. There is an NME cover. It’s not all bad.

Ultimately, this is recommended to Old Schoolers who still trade tapes, and kids who go to lots of shows. You probably know a band just like this…but they probably don’t have as cult a sound.

Track Listing

1. Demonic Mortuary

2. Desire for Death

3. Louder Than Hell (NME Cover)

4. Darkness Falls

5. Flash of Power

6. Demons of Flight


Cesar Ayala - vocals, guitar
Steve Cooperstein - bass
Matt Smith - drums

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