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Metal Through The Time
August 2012
Released: 2012, Dying Victims Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Canadian Metal Spotlight-Part 1

About once (or twice) a year or so I’ll dig down deep into the frozen permafrost of the Canadian Metal scene and share some worthy releases with a wider audience. Since we don’t get summer up here in the Great White North I’ll bring you a little cold front of Metal albums and do a quick review of seven recent albums by newer bands from coast to coast. Being a Canadian writing for a Canadian site it is the least I can do, in a patriotic sense, to help give a little exposure to my fellow Metallions of the north but that doesn’t means they get a free ride, just because they are Canadian! These bands actually deserve your attention;

Demona (Quebec)

Haiduk (Calgary, Alberta)

Kemilon (Montreal, Quebec)

Striker (Edmonton, Alberta)

Titan’s Eve (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Valfreya (Montreal, Quebec)

Ye Goat-Herd Gods (Calgary, Alberta)

Please feel free to check out the other reviews in this feature. Next month we will feature:

Auroch (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Begrime Exemious (Edmonton, Alberta)

Black Moor (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)

Dark Forest (Calgary, Alberta)

Maglor (Calgary, Alberta)

Odium (Walkerton, Ontario)

Ze (Calgary, Alberta)


Demona has quite an international flavour, just like the province they come from. Demona was founded in Chile by Tanza after her first band broke up. She relocated to Quebec and after a series of demos and splits the band got hooked up with Dying Victims Productions in Germany for a debut album release called METAL THROUGH THE TIME. The line-up has been pretty fluid over the years with Tanza being the singer-song-writer although the band is metal-morphing into a full band and doing more gigs. On the bands 12-track debut they are a three piece but they had the drums recorded in Columbia by Hugo of Witchhammer. Demona make no apologies for what they are and make no attempt to disguise their roots. They wear their early thrash roots with pride with the CD case proudly stating ‘Speed Metal’ on the spine and ‘speed metal swirl’ is all over the place. It’s a nice, simple booklet with lyrics some of them in her native tongue and the cover art is a hand in the classic ‘claw’ position, bursting from a pile of skulls. Totally metal. Speaking of lyrics tracks like ‘The Apocalypse’, ‘Earthquake’ and ‘Nightmare’ don’t break any ground but are still cool to the core. METAL THROUGH THE TIME is pretty much only one pace, the only pace Speed Metal can be…fast! The riffs are simple, there are solos all over the place and the band finish off with a Wardance cover. Tanza vocal style is quite high almost always ending her lyrical phrase with an even higher pitched yelp. I haven’t heard anyone sing like this since Steve Plunkett of Autograph. Seriously. It’s a neat style. Tanza reminds me a bit of Danielle Draconis of Original Sin from way back. METAL THROUGH THE TIME is a brilliant time machine of an era some say is long gone but I say as long as we have bands like Demona, the Metal will never die.
Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Pay for your Sins
3. The Apocalypse
4. Ataque de Locura Homicida
5. Earthquake
6. Solo Existe el Metal
7. Nightmare
8. Llagas
9. Metal Through the Time
10. Poisoned
11. Tormenta
12. Don't Play With Fire


Tanza-Vocals, Guitar
Jean-François Tremblay-Bass


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