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The Best of Demon Volume 1
September 2000
Released: 1999, Spaced Out Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

If anyone had told me that demon were one of the bands from the New Wave of British Heavy metal I would have said "What?". I had never heard of Demon much less as a part of the NWOBHM. Demon was formed in 1980 by Dave Hill. They recorded their first album entitled "Night of the Demon" in 1981. Now I am not going to go into a big history of the band as it is kind of complicated and you can read it all at As for sounding like any of the other NWOBHM bands its hard to say. Demon are definitely on the lighter end of the metal spectrum. Heavy for 1980 but they are no Angelwitch or Iron Maiden.

The disc opens with "Night of the Demon" which is the title track from their 1981 debut cd. This is a god mid paced rocker. Some good guitar fills make this one of the standout tracks of the bands career. "Don’t Break The Circle" is from the bands second CD and is more up tempo with the production being more raw. Another standout track from Demon’s second album The Unexpected Guest is "Sign of a Madman". Great song as Dave Hill actually lets out a few metallic screams. The Cd is laid out in chronological order so we see the development of Demon. What can be seen is that the band moves farther away from its metal roots to more of a hard rock sound. "The Plague" is a progressive tinged piece that has oodles of keyboards. "Heart of Our Time" embraces the sound of the mid 80s hard rock scene complete with lots of keyboards. The CD "Breakout" of 1987 sees Demon continue with the hard rock leanings with a great degree of success. At the heyday of commercial hard rock its hard to see how these guys were overlooked. Could be that their NWOBHM roots are still there underneath all the keyboards and melodic tunes. The CD closes out with a trio of tracks from the bands 1991 and 1992 studio albums with the standout track being "The Lion’s Share" which is heavier than their tunes from the late 80s.

With a name like Demon I expected the band to be a lot heavier than they were. Instead over the first few years of their career they developed into a good hard rock/metal band. There is nothing innovative about Demon. Nothing earth shattering that makes you just want to scream. They are just very competent hard rock/ metal. If you are interested in all that is NWOBHM or good mid paced hard rock then by all means check this cd out.
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