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God Defamer
August 2004
Released: 2004, Osmose Productions
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

The latest slice of eternally damning music to hit my desk is GOD DEFAMER from Slovakia’s Dementor. The band has been together since 1988 and has released four full-length albums in that time. What these guys lack in variety, they more than make up for in brutality. Similar in vein to Krisiun or Hate Eternal, the blastbeats are blindingly fast, the riffs are surprisingly technical and the lyrics are filled with every conceivable way to defile Jesus Christ.

With Deicide popularizing outright blasphemous lyrics, many have followed suit since and Dementor is no different. The title track’s chorus is “God defamer – never mind their blood/Author of grotesque script – kill the nasty Jesus Christ.” This is the single driving message of every song on GOD DEFAMER: “Kill the Christians and all that they hold dear.” While hardly scary or even shocking anymore, words and messages like these are still fodder for metal bands that seek to titillate.

Thankfully, Dementor’s songs have more to them than just anti-Christian rantings. There is the occasional melody that bleeds through, but mostly this is bang your head, brutal death. “Slaying Grace” busts out a killer solo before finishing with Satan telling a child that “the blasphemy has been unleashed.” The title track is the heaviest of the bunch and the drums are relentless. Another whammy-bar diving solo sits amid the madness, while Rene Blahusiak’s roar feels like he’s taking you to Hell himself. “The Might Evil” and “Devilish Obsession” feature some interesting guitar parts that deviate from the rest of the tracks. They are still immensely heavy, yet at the same time, some technicality and experimentation comes in to mix things up.

At only 33 minutes in length, GOD DEFAMER is over too soon, but in that time, the band is relentless never slowing down or giving the listener time to catch his breath. While they aren’t exactly turning any new ground, Dementor has released a strong death metal record and will certainly appeal to the blasphemers and extreme metallers.

KILLER KUTS: “Slaying Grace,” “God Defamer,” “The Mighty Evil,” “Devilish Obsession”
Track Listing

1. Slaying Grace
2. God Defamer
3. The Mighty Evil
4. My Ally Anger
5. Devilish Obsession
6. Harvester of Christian Souls
7. Power of Crucifixion
8. To Taste Divinity
9. Unholy Hordes of Rot


Rene Blahusiak—Vocals/Guitar
Rasto Schmogner—Guitar/Bass
Rasto Petrovic—Drums

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