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Dementia Senex
Sun Goes Down Behind
March 2010
Released: 2009, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Dementia Senex (I have no idea what that means) are an Italian band, formed in 2008. Claiming that their influences originally stemmed from classic Swedish death metal and then expanded to include more modern death influences, the band culled together the time and money in 2009 to record their debut EP. Let’s see if they live up to their influences.

After a wasted intro track, the band rips straight into “Revenge”, which true to their claims, hints at Swedish death metal, but also contains hints of thrash, making Dementia Senex another in the growing legion of death/thrash hybrid bands. Whatever the case, “Revenge” is a great song that manages to be brutal and catchy all at once. “Self Portrait of a Criminal” is much more firmly within the death metal camp, blasting away in a more American-death metal style. It’s different than “Revenge” but the band handles it quite well, and again, it’s a very memorable song. The next song is the highlight of the EP – “Remorse of the Father”. I don’t care what the band says; this song is MUCH more thrash that death metal – and it friggin’ rules! Fast and heavy, it’s a great example of what modern death/thrash can be. Finally, “(IM)Perfection” continues the more thrash-oriented assault in fine fashion, closing the album off perfectly.

For an indie release, the production on SUN GOES DOWN BEHIND is fantastic. It’s clear and powerful but contains just enough grit to make it stand out from the ultra-clean productions that many bands favour today. The guitars in particular are vicious-sounding, as well as Cristian Franchini’s strong death growl, although I would have preferred a more muscular bass drum sound.

I’m very impressed with this debut effort from Dementia Senex. These guys have established themselves as a band to keep an eye on for sure. In the meantime, pick up this EP – you won’t be disappointed.
Track Listing

1) Seen From Within
2) Revenge
3) Self Portrait Of A Criminal
4) Remorse Of The Father
5) (IM)Perfection


Cristian Franchini: Vocals
Michele Molari: Guitars
Mattia Bagnolini: Drums
Luca Piccoli: Bass
Stefano Pieri: Guitars

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