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Delirium X Tremens
CreHated from No_thing
November 2007
Released: 2007, Punishment 18 Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

According to the introduction of band members in the Italian death metallers Delirium X Tremens, this band is full of hate; hate against their own individual instruments in particular, I mean. ;o)

Ok, let´s get rid of secondary comments and just get to the point little by little. First off, as short background info, Delirium X Tremens was brought into daylight in 1998, and as with many other bands, the band underwent some line-up changes ´til they found a more steady line-up in 2002. The band has already recorded one mini-CD titled CYBERHUMAN in 2003 which received mixed reviews from the media.

Delirium X Tremens´debut album, CREHATED FROM NO_THING, which was already recorded in 2005, has now been released on Italian Punishment 18 Records. As far as their music is concerned, the word ´progressive´ is pretty much linked to the band´s strong sounding death metal, having some really heavy and extraordinary strong riffs and rhythms dominating their song structures in a pretty successful way. There´s no question about these Italian fellows´ skills as talented musicians and song writers. Both guitarists obviously know very well what it takes to make a song stand out; the riffs are mostly great throughout even if they could do more leads in order to add a better punch to their songs. In fact, when I listen to their pleasingly technical guitar work, somehow the now defunct German Morgoth comes to my mind in a peculiar way. The guitars´ sound is crispy and heavy - the way I overall like it offered in death metal. Also, Thomas does a fine job in the drumming department, understanding well that death metal isn´t only about blast-beats, but a varied selection of innovative, worth trying out ideas that you can do behind your drum arsenal - sometimes even over-experimental things, which ain´t a bad thing by any means. Delirium X Tremens´ vocalist Ciardo has a somewhat classic, old school death metal voice: Deep and dark death metal grunts are what Ciardo growls out from his lungs, and it´s almost impossible not to like his vocal performance on this very promising sounding album. The bass was also well recorded and added into the wholeness, getting an equal treatment with the other instruments in the songs.

What they could improve a bit, is to get to the point faster and shorten their songs to an acceptable level. 11 songs in 58 minutes means an average length of one song is over 5 minutes which seems to be a bit too much in Delirium X Tremens´ case, I think. For me it sounds as if they unnecessarily prolong their songs with too many experimental parts just to give more length to their songs. At least it appears to be so. 3-4 minutes per song would be an ideal length for their style of progressive/experimental (old school) Death Metal in my opinion. Due to so many different parts and layers in one song, it´s sometimes kinda hard to get into their songs. That´s probably their only issue on which they should be working in the future. Otherwise, a pretty recommendable death metal album here.
Track Listing

01. Liquefied Emotions
02. Trip in Your World
03. Eucharistic Hypnosis
04. DXT Chambers
05. Inverted Re-Logic
06. Cyberhuman
07. 15469
08. New Clear-File
09. ...Inside Me
10. Convulsion (CreHated by Ensoph)
11. Crionica


Ciardo - HateVocals
Lorenzo - HateGuitar
Fabio "Med" - HateGuitar
Pondro - HateBass
Thomas - HateDrums

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