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Made For the Violent Age
October 2006
Released: 2006, Armageddon Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Madman

Ask most thrash metal fans what they think of modern thrash metal and they will tell you it sucks. Why is that? Because most modern thrash, is, well, modern. Modern styled metal or thrash or what have you isn’t inherently bad, but a good portion modern thrash bands seem to focus on experimenting and going beyond what’s at the root of thrash metal. Of course, this is as much of a problem with new bands as old so it’s no surprise that most old school thrash metal fans have rejected a lot of the thrash that’s been put out since the early 90’s

Now Delirious are no spring chickens to the metal scene, they’ve been around in one form or another since 1990 and have been releasing albums since 1997. 2006 sees this German band release their fourth full-length album, MADE FOR THE VIOLENT AGE, via Armageddon Music. The band plays somewhere between old school and modern thrash metal, generally they opt for a bay area thrash sound but at times cross over into their own German scene, yet they aren’t against throwing in groove and rock riffs here and there. While the band’s sound isn’t original in the least, it does have a pleasant mix of both styles and with all the vocal changes (clean to Steve Gaines’-sque rough vocals to growls) the band is at least able to create a fun album to listen to.

That being said though, that’s really all Delirious offers up. A fun album, nothing terribly good or engaging, just something one can put on to get a quick thrash fix or, if at all possible, when some friends are over drinking some beers. Some heads will bang, some enjoyment will be had but nobody’s going to be running out to grab the album the next day, hell, they might even forget about it all together. I know I did, until I remembered I had to write a review for the album.

“Triple Six” offers up fast second-tier Kreator worship, right down to the screaming mid-paced chorus. In “I Am the Enemy” the band open up with modern groove riffs before immediately changing things up for the up beat thrashing verses. The song sounds almost like classic bay area thrash aside from a few riffs here and there, especially with the cleaner vocals. “Sleep in Peace” is a snoozer. Slow, grinding, pretty modern and rather forgettable (where’s the thrash?). The opening of “Blood Begins to Freeze” sounds entirely too similar to something, I’m not quite sure what it is but regardless, this is easily the best song on the album. Upbeat melodic thrash number, maybe even close to Forbidden mixed with Heathen, this song really cooks and is probably the only song worth some real praise here. The obligatory ballad comes up in “My Friends” and completely betrays the entire feel and sound of the album, it’s far too soft, especially to come in where it does (just pass the middle of the album).

While Delirious aren’t terribly good, they aren’t a strain on the ears to listen to either. Solid thrash metal is what they deal up and if you’re really struggling to find a band to listen to, maybe they’ll be up your alley but for a band that’s been around for over 15 years, you’d think they’d be farther along as far as song writing goes.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Triple Six
3. I Am the Enemy
4. Call Me God
5. Sleep in Peace
6. Idiot Nation
7. Blood Begins to Freeze
8. Hate Trader
9. My Friends
10. Down on Myself
11. The Sky Turns Red
12. Ragers Elite
13. In A Gadda Da Vida


Markus Bednarek - Vocals
Andreas Supplie - Guitar
Alexander Cwertnia - Guitar
Christian Splettstößer - Bass
Markus Keller - Drums

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