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Daniels, Neil
Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers: A ZZ Top Guide (Book Review)
June 2014
Released: 2014, Soundcheck Books
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

There are very few books on the market about ZZ Top so when I heard of this one I was interested. Author, Neil Daniels breaks the book into 4 parts making it the ‘Guide’ more so than a biography of the band. Yes we get a band biography for the first part then the Influences, Music and Miscellaneous.

The book begins well with the story of ZZ Top. There are no gritty details or behind the scenes scandals here, just a brief bio and history lesson for those of us that want to know more about the band. It’s basically Album, Tour (setlist), Album, Tour..etc. Not much depth or detail apart from what guitar Billy used on most Top albums. It’s pretty mundane by the time you read the same ting over and over a few times. The next part is done differently with a paragraph on each of the main influences for the band, associates, peers and heroes. Interesting to a certain degree and good for those of us that might want to check out their music. Next section is a list of awards and accolades the band has received over the years followed by a complete discography.

As a beginner’s guide to ZZ Top this is fantastic and a great wealth of information. For the average fan there are some interesting facts that you may not have known. For the hardcore fan this is probably useless but nice to have from a completist angle. I fall into the middle category. An interesting read with some interesting information that I never knew.
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