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The Ascension
July 2016
Released: July, n/a
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Thanks to the wider availability of technology, even the unsigned bands are sounding better, louder, clearer and tighter. The downside

of this is too many similar sounding recordings. It is easier to detune and sound heavier with many bands concentrating too much

on tightness and losing soul and passion along the way. The heavier bands also go for the Lamb of God heavy groove at the

expense of speed. Even Testament are quite pedestrian these days.

With the first two tracks Deified win me over. The music has speed, heaviness and that all important urgency. Drums are sometimes

buried in the mix with heavy band's guitars over the top, but Deified have given the drums a big sound that makes them become

an integral part of the songs and style of the band. I am impressed.

As soon as second track Shit Wrecked starts you are kicked in the proverbial balls and the song never lets up. No pointless five minute long

Steve Harris bass intros, no spoken word outros. Just the music. I am actually struggling to find a negative for this recording,

possibly there could have been more guitar solos, a little more variation in the vocals.

I cycle a lot and found the adrenaline rush while listening to The Ascension and cycling very good for the soul, only slowing down

when those annoying pedestrians are walking on the path getting in my way.

With all that is going on in the world these days it makes this album seem vital.
Track Listing

1) Alternation
2) Shitwreck
3) Ascend
4) Betrayed
5) Lo & Behold
6) Addiction
7) Wetwork
8) Immortal
9) No Solitude
10) Paralyzed
11) Crest Fallen


Jamie Hughes - Vocals
Matthew Pike - Guitar
Alistair Blackhall - Guitar
Tom Simm - Bass
Stew Brown - Drums

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