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When Satan Lives
August 1999
Released: 1998, Roadrunner
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Blake

Deicide's latest album, an unimpressive, toned down live album. Not to say its without any merit but it helps that I am a Deicide FAN...yet at the same time you would have to be a fan to buy it and its a pretty bad "starting album". The album starts with Glen Benton screeching about how Chicago should "please welcome DEICIDE!" it is pretty cool item for fans, don' t get me wrong. Glenn Benton barks out "when Satan rules his world" with a psychotic rage. But from then on it gets a little blurry to be honest. On the song "Blame it on god" he is definitely toning it down, saving his energy I suppose, but it really hurts the music. Mr. Benton is a lot less audible on this album. There's also less screams in the beginning of "Serpents of the Light" and less trade mark low pitched growls/moans in "Children of the Underworld". The small budget Benton really shows on the song "Serpents of the Light" and "Slave to the Cross." However, it gets really brutal and angry on "Dead by Dawn " (based on the Necronomicon, reminds me of the EVIL DEAD II: DEAD BY DAWN movie that I own where they say "dead by dawn, you'll all be dead by dawn") and on "Sacrificial Suicide" where he screams out "suicide sacrifice, blood of unholy knife" In one of the bands more, well, disturbing moments. Still, my fave song on here is the title song - "Deicide" from the premiere album (I think? or wasn't it on Amon?). All in all though, not really one of my favorite Deicide albums. The main high lights are: Deicide, Slave to the Cross, When Satan Rules His World, Dead By Dawn, Sacrificial Suicide, and Trick or Betrayed.

I apologize for the short review, but there isn't a whole lot to say here. "Unleashed in the East" it isn't, but if your a fan, as I've said before, pick this one up...if not, start with "Once upon the Cross" or "Deicide."

Track listing: When Satan Rules His World, Blame It On God, Bastards of Christ, Children of the Underworld, Serpents of the Light, Dead But Dreaming, Slave To The Cross, Lunatic of Gods Creation, Oblivious To Evil, Once Upon The Cross, Believe The Lie, Trick Or Betrayed, Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise, Deicide, Father Baker's, Dead By Dawn, Sacrificial Suicide.

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