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July 2000
Released: 2000, Roadrunner/Attic
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Satan Satan Satan...Glen Benton and company are on the warpath against all that is Christian once more. Do I need to say that we get the fucking point?!?!?! This band has been kicking for over 10 years, so they are doing something right. I don't want to put down this band because they are one of the best death metal bands bar none. However, the whole Satan / God-hate thing is old. I wouldn't mind if a few of the songs on this CD were about that, but why does every song on here have to be about the same thing? Why can't they write a song about something else? The lyrics are not so much about Satan as they are about how much the band hates Christ. Musically, they are light years beyond this repetitive lyrical topic. So lets examine the music on Insineratehymn and forget the controversy and the lyrics.

In terms of Deicide's musical career, I personally feel that their first self titled CD (and the Amon Feasting The Beast demo) was incredible but it's been generally a downhill trend since then. However, Insineratehymn is the best Deicide I've heard since Legion. Vocally, Benton sounds as evil as ever. He's been copied by countless but I'd much rather his vocals over the legions of copiers. One element that is played down on this CD is the doubling of his vocals with the screeching vocals over his death growl. I always liked that element and found it delightfully twisted. He does use it in a few places but not as much as I'd like. The guitar solos on here are sounding more melodic and a little less manic than the typical Deicide solos. For example check out the melodic soloing on "Standing In The Flames." A musical theme on this CD is mixing in slower chunky riffing like on "The Gift That Keeps on Giving." Let me tell you though, slower does not mean less heavy!! Deicide have learned that slow and chunky can be as brutal as the fast parts, especially when mixed up like in "Halls of Worship" which has tremelo picking, slow brutal riffing and intense thrash riffing. "Suffer Again" has some cool triplets on the riffs that are godly! If that doesn't make you bang yer head then not much will! One thing that I thought of after hearing this CD a few times through is that there isn't very many parts where blast beats take over. To tell you the truth, I didn't miss them because the songs are well written and the guitar riffing is pretty damn good! The drums on this are godly and would fit in on most power metal songs. I can hear some of their Slayer influences coming through in a few places like on "Apocalyptic Fear." Finally, I'd like to nominate the song "Refusal of Penance" for the category of best & most evil outro for a song ever - totally hilarious with a pig squealing, flames roaring and screams in the background...the soundtrack to hell, or at least Mr. Benton's version of hell. Ha!

Somehow I don't think Deicide have gotten a fair shake at the music world. I know death metal bands are not gonna debut at #1 on any country's charts but 10+ years with a solid line-up and a conviction to continually write killer brutal music should mean at least some respect right? Too many reviews and interviews focus on only the Satan side of this band so I hope that this look at their music as opposed to the controversy is somewhat refreshing.

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