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Under The Blade (Promo CD)
February 2000
Released: 1997, Invasion Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

BRUTALLLLLLL!!!!!!!! My head is still spinning and the neck is still sore from banging away to this CD. If you have read our recent interview with Witchery's Sharlee D'Angelo then you know where I got my inspiration to check this band out. They sound, as I've been told they would, death metal vocals (somewhat similar to Children of Bodem) with very heavy thrash riffing. I apologize for not reviewing this release when it came out in 1997, but I had no clue about them at that point, and hey - better reviewed late then not at all!!

So who are Defleshed besides some band that the dudes in Witchery love to promote? Well, until recently all I knew was that they were from Sweden. The band consist of Matte Modin (drums) Lars Löfven (guitar) and Gustaf Jorde (vocals and bass) and for just three members, they sure make an unbelievable, ungodly racket!!! The band have three CD's out including: Abrah Kadavrah (199?) , Under the Blade (1997) and Fast Forward (1999, released in USA on February 8, 2000 by Pavement Music).

So with a title like "Under The Blade" I'm sure some of you might be thinking Twisted Sister....Well don't, the two have nothing in common. When I first listened to this CD my first reaction to the first couple of songs was indifference. The first track "Farewell to the Flesh" is kind of typical and quite noisy. The CD was kind of just on, and was like elevator music, albeit music from an evil elevator! By track three, "Eat The Meat Raw", I started getting into it - and how could you not love a WASP-inspired song title like that?!?! The further you get into the CD the better it seems to get (or maybe you're just being desensitized to the abrasiveness ;-) ). The tracks become more memorable and somewhat catchy. This would include songs like "Metalbounded", "Under The Blade" (with it's odd Biohazard-like chant for a chorus), "Thorns of a Black Rose" and and "Walking The Moons of Mars." Imagine over the top intense "Slayer-ish" riffing with thrash and blast beats! These riffs would even make later-day Slayer jealous! You cannot listen to this without thinking - man doesn't metal TOTALLY RULE!!!!!!! Also of note is the absolutely crushing, killer rhythm sound!! Thick and brutal as hell...all I can say is METALLLLLLLL!!!!. This killer guitar sound and the brutalness and complexity of the riffs completely covers up the fact that there is very little in the way of lead guitars.

Fans of bands like Children of Bodem, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Witchery, Slayer, The Haunted, Testament, and extreme thrash please do yourself a favor and check out the band at
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