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Ugliness Revealed
April 2001
Released: 2001, Baphomet Records / Necropolis
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: AL

The Japanese death metal scene has occasionally brought some interesting acts up to the limelight since Messiah Death, Necrophile used to be around over a decade ago. Defiled have also gone a long way since '92 and published a couple of albums and done a shit load of gigs in their home land, opening for Vader, Testament, Morbid Angel and also toured in The US with Incantation.

To gain and have the best possible sound and above all the result the band has once again fortified into the Morrisound studio to work on the debut album for Baphomet Rec. Ugliness Revealed consisting of 18 tunes (7 of them are by the way intros and outros) is definitely a piece of the technically played death metal stuff. The sound quality is absolutely murderous indeed not being that big surprise. But the weakest point on the album is in my opinion the vocals as for some reason it has been mixed to the background too much and the vocalist’s, Hideki Fujimoto, growling remains too much behind and doesn’t come into its own at all. Another point bugging me a lot on the album is that every track sounds quite similar to each other cos the Defiled guys have obviously tried to put a little bit too much technical gimmicks to the tracks and forgot to include various brutal hooks like for example the mighty Monstrosity do. I for one couldn’t find any real killer tunes which would have left me gasping for air.

Anyone fond of the technically played death metal will get his/her money’s worth when picking this output up.
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