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Time Isn't Healing
November 2016
Released: 2016, Ferrrum Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I can’t think of too many bands from the Ukraine that I’ve had the opportunity to hear; glaring exception being black metal mavens Nokturnal Mortum. Defiant is a relatively new band from that country. They formed in 2008 and have two EPs and one album released in their native language. After a few lineup changes, TIME ISN’T HEALING is the band’s English-debut.

After the obligatory intro, “Milestones of Time” bursts out of the speakers with pure heavy metal energy. Catchy heavy metal riffs iced with keyboards and topped by gruff vocals are Defiant’s modus operandi and this song is the perfect introduction to their style. The album is jam-packed with crunchy power/traditional metal of varying intensities and speeds, some of which obviously work better than others. Soaring closer “The Eagle” is a highlight, while ballad “The Grief” is forgettable. All the while, Stanislav Proshkin’s scratchy vocals become more noticeable and distracting. Defiant’s in a weird position with this guy at the mic. Creditably, he doesn’t sound like every other metal screamer out there, but he also tends to distract from the music, particularly when he reaches for high notes. Another oddity is the vaguely gothic keyboard work that swirls through the otherwise traditional metal guitars. Not sure if I like that or not.

Speaking of the guitar work, Andrey Turkovsky is an obvious talent; his riffs and solos are tasty throughout the album. Beyond him though, Defiant’s music still needs some extra seasoning to really stand out in a crowded field. There’s definite promise shown and I like their style; hopefully future releases will fulfill the promise shown here. In the meantime, TIME ISN’T HEALING is worth checking out; particularly by fans of power/traditional metal.
Track Listing

1. Storm (intro)
2. Milestones of Time
3. The Jericho
4. Funeral Feast
5. Time Isn’t Healing
6. According to the Acts
7. The Dream
8. Don’t Trust the Words
9. The Truth and the Lie
10. The Grief
11. Soul is Burning
12. The Eagle


Stanislav Proshkin: Vocals
Andrey Turkovsky: Guitar
Victoria Terzieva: Keyboards
Oleg Yakolev: Bass
Evgeniy Smolin: Drums



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