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Def Leppard
Historia / In The Round In Your Face/ Visualize / Video Archive (DVD)
April 2002
Released: 2002, Island Def Jam Music Group
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

First off I have to say that I was waiting for these to come out for some time. Was it worth the wait? For the most part, YES. Granted they took their 4 VHS releases and put them directly to DVD and added a few “bonus” items. Great idea right?

Let’s start with the “Historia/In The Round” disc. As the title suggest this disc starts out with the Historia video in its entirety. The transfer is pretty good and the sound is half decent and it’s good to see these vids again and in chronological order. No surprises here. The “In The Round” part was a great pleasure for me as I only saw it once before and that was many a year ago. The pic quality is a bit grainy and the sound doesn’t seem as good as it should be. Overall the concert is half decent and they are quite energetic live. The “Bonus” features on this DVD are their videos from the last 2 albums (Slang & Euphoria). These clips are excellent and a couple of them I personally never saw before, so including them here is a real treat. If you liked the band in the Heyday then this is a definite purchase.

Next up is the “Visualize / Video Archive” set. This is the better of the 2 releases IMO. The first part of it is the “Visualize” tape, which I never saw before so it was great to see this stuff for the first time. Granted bits of it I’ve seen on TV at different times, but never in this context. There are allot of live clips and interview tidbits that shed light into the inside of the band and how Steve Clark’s death affected them as well as Rick Allen’s accident. Their videos from Adrenalize are also featured here along with part of a live concert from June 93 in the band’s hometown. The next part of the disc is the “Video Archive” section. This is really great as for the most part it’s just them live on stage. The first part is them live in their hometown in June 93 (3 songs from this are one the “Visualize” section). Joe’s vocals are not the best but the performance is excellent. This show is followed by their videos from 93-95 which is good too have but seems out of place here. They should’ve been added to the end. Next part of this DVD is the highlight of the disc for me, It’s them acoustic in 95.Anyone that bought the 2 cd version of the Slang album has 5 songs from this show. The performance here only adds the cover of Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” which is amazing even though he screws up the lyrics at the end. It is an excellent sample of Def Lep live.

In conclusion I recommend these discs if you liked them back when or if you still like them now. There are 2 things I would’ve done differently with this material though. The first thing is organization, all the videos should be on one disc and put in chronological order and feature the interview clips and live snipits. The other disc would feature the live aspects of the band with no duplication. The second thing I would’ve done was cleaned up the quality before it was transferred to DVD. It’s not that bad but I believe they could’ve done allot better with the transfer. Now it’s time for a full-length concert release.
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