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Def Con One
May 2012
Released: 2012, Scarlet Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The legacy of Venom still has far reaching implications for bands making music in 2012. This month we look at two bands, each who have former members of Venom, and both of whom have released albums this year, namely Mpire Of Evil and Def Con One. Please enjoy my reviews of this pair of albums.

In case are younger readers are wondering about the origin of the band name, a Def Con One is a military alert system developed by the United States that stands for Defense Readiness Condition. The scale is one to five, five being least likely scenario for an attack and naturally Def Con One is an immanent attack, just like WARFACE the second album by the British trio. It’s quite appropriate that an album founded by a drummer has the first cut ‘Never Look Back’ ushered in by a drum (attack) solo! That’s pretty Metal.

The album has a simple, striking black and white, military themed cover that matches the striking music inside. The whole 50+ minute album is pretty intense except for a haunting, acoustic ballad named, ‘Feeling Cold’ which appears at about the middle of the album to break up the intensity. Antton and crew have embraced a more modern, heavy sound than his previous work in Venom. You can hear Phil inspired Pantera-isms in both the shouting of vocalist, Davey and the chunky guitar of Johnny. The riffs are there with lots of the pinched squeals, but not much in the way of solos. Davey generally shouts his way through the album but when he does song on cuts ‘Hit List’ he has a really boozy rasp voice that would be good for a Motorhead rock ‘n’ roll kinda sound. The album has that spiked hot, loud production of many of the bands of that era.

I’m not as much of a fan of the New Wave of American Metal sound and although I can see why these guys embrace this sound in an effort to stay ‘contemporary (or something) however, that 90’s sound is already two-decades old and not really all that fresh. I would have preferred something faster and more guitar solos. However, if groove Metal is your thing this is a textbook example of well-executed modern Metal and ya might want to give this a listen and grade it higher according to your acceptance (or tolerance) of this strain of Metal.
Track Listing

1. Never Look Back
2. March of the Dead
3. Warface
4. Hold On
5. Blood
6. Steeped in Pain
7. 10 Bullets
8. Feeling Cold
9. My Halo
10. Hit List
11. In Death
12. Give Me Strength


Davey Meikle-Vocals
Steve -Bass



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