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Deep In Hate
Chronicles Of Oblivion
September 2014
Released: 2014, Kaotoxin Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

France and death metal are producing great things at the moment. What with genre leaders GOJIRA and GOROD putting the country on our favourite gory subgenre's map, the country is roaring with talent. Enter compatriots DEEP IN HATE with their third offering: “Chronicles Of Oblivion”. Does the album stack up amongst such hallowed company?

On this outing, DEEP IN HATE utilise a greater emphasis on deathcore and mix it with their brand of death metal. Cue bass drops, chugging breakdowns and half-time drum crashses – you know the drill. It's interesting that they have moved in this direction – more often than not, bands will begin life as deathcore and move on to become straight-up death metal bands (i.e. JOB FOR A COWBOY, FALLUJAH, etc.) Whether this is because the genre they began life in is oft-derided for it's simplicity or the band have just progressed is up for debate, but this is almost the metal community's social normalcy. Not the other way. So is this a general progression for the band or tapping into the genre's

easier marketability? Again, debatable.

Nevertheless, the band has created a solid record of death metal/deathcore spawn. Opener “Genesis Of Void” breathes into life in tumultuous fashion and from there-on-in, the album never loosens its grip on the throat. Vicious riffs and cold, mechanical, FEAR FACTORY-esque drumming sit beneath a bellowing vocal delivery - “Altar Of Lies” is a case-in-point example of the death metal/deathcore hybrid with it's half-time machine gun assault. Yet the frenetic pace and unrelenting attack on the ears just feels so cold and empty – it's good for some headbanging but it won't remain with you for very long. However, it is when DEEP IN HATE bring out melody and tonality that things take an upturn

– the middle of “New Republic” and finale to “Beyond” just add an extra piece to chew on that makes the taste on the palette that much sweeter.

This will make a dependable listen, if lacking a little substance. The musicianship on display is tighter than most bands and the beefy production demonstrates this with aplomb, but frenetic riffs and emphasis on rhythmic slams doesn't offer many endearing qualities. Despite this, DEEP IN HATE will continue France's fine tradition of solid metal acts.

Review by: Lee Carter
Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Genesis Of Void
3. The Cattle Procession
4. Altars Of Lies
5. New Republic
6. The Unheard Prayers
7. The Divide
8. Wingless Gods
9. Beyond


Kapute – Bass,
Nicolas Bastos – Drums,
Vincent Gross – Guitar,
Florian – Guitar,
Matthieu Renaud – Vocals.

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