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Reign of Ungodly Creation
November 2014
Released: 2014, Comatose Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

DECIMATION's third full length release Reign of Ungodly Creation is a fine piece of Technical Death Metal which manages to entertain listeners despite not bringing anything new to the table. The Turkish band specializes in providing some nice dissonant guitar riffs couples with precise hyper-blast fast drumming that mixed together create a nice wall of furious sound that never lets up. The production is very crisp and clear, yet the bass remains buried withing the mix. It should also be noted that the cover artwork is provided by none other than Dan Seagrave, the man who provided artwork for classic Death Metal releases by BENEDICTION, DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and MORBID ANGEL, among others.

In Reign of Ungodly Creation, DECIMATION offer nine tongue twisting titled tracks of unrelenting Death Metal played with admirable technical prowess and an eye for composition which becomes evident in how the album never bores the listener. This is one of those records that works better as whole, rather than picking individual tracks to listen to. One particular standout song is "Psalm Carnage in the Ghoulish Chapel of Gehenna", the slowest track on the album: while not Doom Metal slow, it's rather a mid tempo piece in which the band uses their dissonant guitar riffs to great effect, creating a nice gloomy atmosphere. This use of dissonance is also present in many of the faster songs as well: opener "Noncelestical Orisons Cataclised in the Passage of Ninib" includes a section in the middle in which the band employs this technique of drum fills accompanying some pretty twisted dissonant guitar chords. Each song has a little something that distinguishes one from the other, so I once again mention that DECIMATION's Reign of Ungodly Creation should be heard from start to finish instead of just picking one or two songs.

As with many releases by bands who play this style, DECIMATION seem to be starting to run out of steam by the Reign of Ungodly Creation's final couple of tracks. Songs are kept short, which works in the band's favor, and they do not overstay their welcome as much as other bands who engage in the Technical Death Metal approach.

Titus Isaac
Track Listing

1. Noncelestical Orisons Cataclised in the Passage of Ninib
2. Supreme Wisdom of Blasphemy in the Reign of Ungodly Creation
3. Mystic Transformation in Encrypted Scrolls of a Grievous Sermon
4. Aberrant Ablution by Filthy Excrements of a Grotesque Crassamentum
5. Psalm Carnage in the Ghoulish Chapel of Gehenna
6. Ghoulish Requiem for a Macabre Daemonarch
7. Prophetic Despise Under the Pendulum of a Sacrilegious Throne
8. Devilish Domain Vortex in the Gloom of Wicked Ziggurat
9. Veracity in Relics


Emre Üren - Guitars
Erkin Öztürk - Guitars
Goremaster - Drums

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