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Bound to the Oath
December 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"Thrash is our favorite game...", yell from the top of the lungs of the guys of the British thrashers Deceptor, which f.ex. names such bands as Slayer, Destruction, Sodom, Mutilator, Possessed and many other classic metal acts as their main influences. So, you should kinda know what to expect from them, shouldn´t you? ;o)

Listening to Deceptor´s 4-song effort, you are soon about to realize that these relatively young guys are full of enthusiasm and determination to make some relentless and furious thrash noise. And why not? Thrash metal has been making its strong comeback for the last 5-6 years - and yes, there are still some markets left for this type of music, no doubt.

Deceptor do their own old school thrash pretty well actually. They have a good grip on things that are needed to make an impact on thrash metal loving people. Especially songs like "Witchbelter" and "Mistress of Metal" speak killer volumes about these fellows´ skills to create some nicely mind-sticking old school style of thrash. While they can sound very entertaining, they naturally have some minor details within their music that need to be improved (which they obviously will do in the course of time). The first thing to make their thrash to stand out slightly better is to pay more attention to the production. To be honest, BOUND TO THE OATH isn´t that well produced at all. If I spit it out in the most cruel way possible, the production on the demo makes you to think this is more like a rehearsal tape put on CD than a real demo recorded at a studio. I know, it´s rude to say it this way, but I know for sure I´m not that far away from the truth either. Secondly, as good as a song named "Chain of Command" may sound like with its kinda Maiden-ish guitar melodies and such, try to avoid any clean singing if you cannot do it properly enough. Here´s a little nut for them to be cracked in the future... ;o)

There´s definitely heaploads of potential in Deceptor according to BOUND TO THE OATH. Given some time for them to collect and reload their weapons from their corners for the next attack, I´m sure they will have even more a positively fatal impact on everyone. But like the worn-out cliche goes, time will naturally tell.
Track Listing

01. Pain Amplifier
02. Chain of Command
03. Witchbelter
04. Mistress of Metal


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by Luxi Lahtinen

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