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December Wolves
July 2002
Released: 2002, Earache Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

Hailing from Boston, MA, December Wolves is a 4-piece death-grindcore act with roots dating back to 1994. BLASTERPIECE THEATRE is the band’s second full-length and is a frenzy of ultra fast and raw riffing, programmed blasting drums and noise for noise’s sake. Contained within this album are 11 tracks, 41 minutes of death-grind in the most chaotic fashion.

Before listening to BLASTERPIECE THEATRE, I was not a fan of grind, nor am I now after listening to this album. I can find very few redeeming features on this album. First, the raw riffing lacks any structure whatsoever and sounds like the guitarist is merely trying to test the guitar’s speed boundaries, rather than focusing on writing coherent riffs. The title of this album brings me to my second complaint about the band. Appropriately titled BLATERPIECE THEATRE, the drumming consists of a barrage of unvarying blastbeats throughout every song. A real drummer, or at least better programming such as varying the tempo and technique of the drum machine would have made this album more interesting. Thirdly, the use of samples in an attempt to create a horror-movie atmosphere throughout the entire album drags BLASTERPIECE THEATRE down even further. If I were looking for a band that uses samples, I would listen to some White Zombie. At least the samples in White Zombie’s music are humorous and well done, plus the musical quality is much better.

My anger over this release goes even beyond the music itself. Upon visiting December Wolves’ homepage, I was confronted by reviews and self-promotion proclaiming December Wolves as the next wave of black metal, and an avant-garde expression of extreme metal. Exploring further on the page, I find their lyrics to range from nonsensical anger-ridden babbling to pretentious socio-religious commentary. Finally, the “BLASTERPIECE THEATRE Manifest” is one of the most comical statements I have heard coming from any band.

BLASTERPIECE THEATRE is an ugly album of chaotic guitars, programmed blastbeats, and electronic sampling. This album is not even fit to serve as a coaster for my Pepsi.

Don’t bother to visit their website at
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