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June 2005
Released: 2004, Iron Fist Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Filthy and raw thrashing Heavy Metal from Strängnäs, Sweden. Hands up from everybody who wants to take a slice from it? I thought so... you people have a good taste in music, fukken krrreat!! ,,/

As for Deceiver music-wise, try to paint a picture from such bands like Motörhead, old Destruction, older Sodom, oldest Venom and Impaled Nazarene into your head, and you pretty much have the drunken Swedish thrashing Heavy Metal bastards Deceiver. Huh, this sounds like tons of fun actually; the guys have a damn good, relentless vibe going on in their songs, sounding like a band that was made, or born to play their songs live – and as if every willing individual could be welcome to join their party with bullet belts, chains, leather pants, spikes, lots of beer, etc. – moshing, sweating and bashing heads in a filthy tempo of these damned, mercilessly rockin´ Heavy Metal warriors. The Deceiver -camp has lots of energy, attitude and dedication to pay homage to their old heroes – and they do it in such a fine and respectable way and therefore it´s very easy to like them as a band, too.

A song titled “Ironsweet” could belong to a sack of early Sodom songs... or a sack of Destruction´s SENTENCE OF DEATH era songs - you go and find a suitable sack for Deceiver´s material! On the other hand, the last tune on this 5-track mini-CD titled “Cold Sweat, Shaking Bones” is nearly a pure Motörhead worshipping as the title of the song may already suggest to you, churned out with a bit more Thrash -infested and rawer touch of the Devil.

Deceiver rocks almost harder than a shiny, chrome-covered Harley Davidson on a straight road, so respond to their invitation now babe and join the party with me, and start shaking your fuckin´ hip in honor of these Swedish fat-ass bear-bastards named Deceiver. Sounds like fun times, doesn´t it?
Track Listing

01. Deceiver
02. Hey Woman
03. Ironsweet
04. Blessed with a Lust for Blood
05. Cold Sweat, Shaking Bones


Destormo – Vocals
Pete Flesh – Guitarz
Flingan – Drums
Crille –Bass

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