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October 2009
Released: 2009, Spiritual Beast
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Decadence, this female fronted, melodic thrash metal act from Sweden, have visited a studio again, to record their 4th full-length album, titled CHARGEPOINT, featuring 8 new songs – added with one instrumental bonus track (“The Demons Run”).

Decadence's previous work, 3RD STAGE OF DECAY, was a tight and enjoyable wholeness altogether, and the band´s latest album, hardly disappoints when it comes to their new, melodic bunch of thrash metal songs that seem to grab listeners´ attention relatively easily even.

Musically the band still moves in the same territory, as say, bands like Kreator, later era Death and Metallica (only the thrash era). Naturally the band´s longhaired front lady, ´Metallic Kitty´ brings her own flavor with her snarling vocals that aren´t that far removed from the similar style what Angela Gossow does in Arch Enemy. Decadence´s own thrash approach on CHARGEPOINT, is all round well thought out. For the most part however, it is Kenneth´s massive riff fests – as well as ´Metallic Kitty´s aggressive vocal parts, that seem to steal the main role on this opus. There´s nothing wrong with that, as both parties do their own share real well, sounding focused and determined to get some credit from people as badass musicians.

Other than that, the band´s whole backbone for creating some intelligently made, melodic thrash has also very well been accomplished on CHARGEPOINT. The album follows pretty much the same, familiar formula that they have had on all their other 3 previous albums. There´s no instant hit song to be found from CHARGEPOINT as “Corrosion”, which was a very catchy opener for their previous album, 3RD STAGE OF DECAY. This time, “Discharge”, being the opening tune of their latest opus, reminds deceptively of some Amorphis´ song, but only from the beginning of that particular song in question. In other words, do not let that fool you too much because “Discharge” soon turns out be quite a relentless thrasher of a song. And there´s lots of other nicely thrashing moments to be expected on this album, too. Tracks like “Strength of Mind” and “Challenge” are good examples for this Swedish tendency to love to thrash.

Decadence can still be proud of everything they have recorded this far. CHARGEPOINT is far from being a letdown album from them, even if some true instant classics are missing from this effort.
Track Listing

01. Discharge
02. Silent Weapon (for a Quiet War)
03. Out of Ashes
04. Point of No Return
05. Strength of Mind
06. Fast Forward
07. Challenge
08. Be Home When I'm Gone
09. The Demons Run (instrumental)


Metallic Kitty - Vocals
Kenneth Lantz - Guitar
Joakim Antman - Bass
Erik Röjås - Drums

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