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3rd Stage of Decay
October 2008
Released: 2008, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Swedish invasion continues... It´s incredible that there´s a constant flow of young and very talented metal bands coming from Sweden´s direction all the time. The Swedish fivesome, Decadence, that is fronted by an attractive-looking female named ´Metallic Kitty´, was formed in Stockholm in 2003, and basically the band has kept a low profile as they have released 3 full-length albums on their own, without getting snapped up by any label - until now. Enter German Massacre Records that re-released Decadence´s latest album, 3RD STAGE OF DECAY worldwide - with a different cover (less attractive, unfortunately) compared to the original, for all hungry metalheads around the globe.

Decadence - to put it simply, sound pretty darn amazing on their 3rd full-length thrasher. I think the best thing to do is for you to get familiar with their melodic and kinda modern thrash metal on your own, ha! Well, don´t wanna be that rude, so I give you three well-chosen words for your honest intention to check them out: Arch Enemy and Kreator. Yes, that makes four actually, but seriously those two aforementioned names popped up in my mind when spinning 3RD STAGE OF DECAY around just recently, one spin after another. Decadence´s very long haired front girl - nicknamed as ´Metallic Kitty´, reminds me quite a lot of Arch Enemy´s Angela Gossow, added with a minimalistic tone from Mille Petrozza´s voice in her vocal outbursts (just listen to a song called "Theater of the Absurd", and you know why I made this reference to Mille). Her band mates are capable of doing their share victoriously at top notch level, too. Kenneth´s and Simon´s riffs really hit well to the targets, providing also some magnificent lead work for the album here and there, while Joakim´s background fire with his 4-stringer as well as Erik´s drum parts all add the necessary, firm ground for these troops´ journey for their own world domination. There´s very little bad criticism that could be thrown against Decadence´s efforts to make this album to stand out on its own merits, simply because they sound so alive and kicking. The whole package works, which is ultimately the most important thing for any band, I think.

For the relatively young band that they are, it´s good for them to get some more exposure at this early state of their career, knowing how well and convincingly our Swedish youngsters of metal can actually shred and kill musically. Decadence have surely earned their own place in some of the hottest limelights as far as new, talented metal bands come in question - most definitely!
Track Listing

01. Corrosion
02. Claustrophobia
03. 3rd Stage of Decay
04. Theater of the Absurd
05. Settle the Score
06. Sculpture
07. Invert
08. Endgame


Metallic Kitty - Vocals
Kenneth Lantz - Guitar
Simon Galle - Guitar
Joakim Antman - Bass
Erik Röjås - Drums

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