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Germany's Next Death Metal
July 2011
Released: 2011, AFM
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I don’t know how I missed these guys over the years. I suppose with 10-12 albums being released per day it’s hard to keep up but you would think I would have recognized this great band! There at least 10 bands out there called Debauchery so for the record we are talking about the German Death ‘n’ roll band who have just delivered album lucky number seven in a mere nine years. That’s a good pace!

First impression count and ya can’t go wrong with an image of a blood-splattered chick with a giant chainsaw on the front cover. This lady puts the Accept ‘chick with chainsaw’ to shame! I would not be at all shocked if Debauchery intended the cover as a loving tribute to Accept. The weird album title of GERMANY’S NEXT DEATH METAL might not help international exposure but at least the direct advertising approach works. Ya know you are likely to get…well…German Death Metal!

This is a really, really fun record. The vocals are low and guttural but fully distinguishable and vocalist Thomas Gurrath has lots of fun with the lyrics, which are simple and direct, kind of dumb and fun…like ‘Warmachines at War’. There are any number of stripped down simple Death Metal tracks fused with rock ‘n’ roll tracks here that hit directly into the groove center of the brain…’Zombie Blitzkrieg’ and title track work well! It’s not that fast or complex and for us older fans there is a very old vibe running through the album. The band display their obvious old-school influences by their choice of a cover tune namely Alice Cooper’s classic cut ‘School’s Out from 1972!

I could rattle off any number of bands who are in this style, Unleashed, Six Feet Under, Entombed etc and Debauchery for kill-factor is as competent as any of them. GERMANY’S NEXT DEATH METAL has a track called ‘Death Will Entertain’. It most certainly will. For old-school Death Metal fans with an appreciation of rock and roll and good times, truer words were never spoke.
Track Listing

1. The Unbroken
2. Zombie Blitzkrieg
3. Warmachines at War
4. Animal Holocaust
5. Bloodslaughter Onslaught
6. Germany's Next Death Metal
7. School Shooter
8. Death Will Entertain
9. Armed for Apocalypse
10. Genocider Overkill
11. Killing Is Our Culture
12. School's Out (Alice Cooper cover)


Thomas Gurrath Vocals
Joshi Wang Guitars
Simon Dorn Guitars
Marc Jüttner Bass
Oliver Zellmann Drums

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